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SYNO 110 | cx | one hundred ten
canthaxanthin <CX> [C40H52O2]
Canthaxanthin {n} <CX>
2 Wörter
Christmas Island <.cx> [Australia]
Weihnachtsinsel {f} [Australien]
customer experience <CX, CE>
Kundenerlebnis {n}
customer experience <CX, CE>
Kundenerfahrung {f}
cyclo-cross <CX, CCX>
Radcross {n} [Querfeldeinrennen]
drag coefficient <cd, cx>
Stirnwiderstand {m} <cw>
drag coefficient <cd, cx>
Strömungs­widerstandskoeffizient {m} <cw, cw-Wert>
phosgen oxime <CX> [also: dichloroformoxime]
Dichlorformoxim {n} [auch: Phosgenoxim, Dichlorformaldoxim oder Rotkreuz]
3 Wörter
C double sharp <Cx>
Cisis {n}
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  • 9972 (also known as G.cx) is a Recommendation developed by ITU-T that specifies a coexistence mechanism for home networking transceivers capable of operating over power line wiring.
  • The goatse.cx image has been used by website authors to discourage other sites from hot-linking to them.
  • Early in 1999, the site got its domain names (royals.cx and royals.org), and moved to its own virtual server, where it has received over a million hits per month since the year 2000.
  • In 1801 he corrected and expanded re-published Marcus Elieser Bloch's "Systema Ichthyologiae iconibus cx illustratum", a famous catalog of fishes with beautiful illustrations that is cited (as Bloch and Schneider, 1801) as the taxonomy authority for many species of fish.
  • Describe the procedure for a general formula of a cubic function f(x) in the form f(x) = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d, where f(x) goes through the origin, f(1) must be an integer, there is an inflection point at x = 3 and there is a local extrema at x = -2.
  • On January 14, 2004, the Christmas Island Internet Administration revoked .cx domain registration for shock site goatse.cx, a domain which used "se.cx" to form the word "sex".
  • cx is the country code top-level domain for Christmas Island.
  • Ek uses the cx keying function to produce ĉ. It will work with most programs but there are some that it is not compatible with.
  • An early paper was "On the Elasticity of the Lungs" ("Philosophical Transactions" cx. ...
  • The Taft algebra is the "n"2-dimensional associative algebra generated over "k" by "c" and "x" with the relations "c'n"=1, "x'n"=0, "xc"=ζ"cx".
  • The group derives its name from the Goatse.cx shock site, and it chose "Gaping Holes Exposed" as its slogan.
  • Having paid one-time fixed deposit, a registered user obtains owners rights to the third level domain name in en.cx zone. Then he can organize his own game in compliance with the project regulations.
  • 9972 (also known as G.cx) is a Recommendation developed by ITU-T that specifies a coexistence mechanism for networking transceivers capable of operating over electrical power line wiring.
  • If the hash value used below does not depend on the (public) value of "y", the security of the scheme is weakened, as a malicious prover can then select a certain value "y" so that the product "cx" is known.
  • When "ax"+"b" and "cx"+"d" are non-zero they are both members of the Clifford group.
  • His 42.cx Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence focused on the commercialization of Artificial Intelligence ("AI").
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