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NOUN   a caldarium | caldaria
Caldarium {n} [röm. Heißbaderaum]
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Übersetzung für 'Caldarium' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Caldarium {n} [röm. Heißbaderaum]hist.
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  • The rooms of these springs consisted of a raised pool in the caldarium, latrines etc.
  • The bathing complex is arranged around a central rectangular hall and included a frigidarium with an antechamber, a tepidarium, and a caldarium.
  • This led to various types of heated rooms including the caldarium, tepidarium, laconicum or sudatorium, and the frigidarium.
  • In the rhodophytes Cyanidium caldarium and Galdieria sulphuraria, C-PC production is repressed by glucose but stimulated by heme.
  • In 1898, she named it "Protococcus botryoides" f. "caldarium."
  • The word "caldarium" comes from the Latin word "caleo", meaning "to be hot".
  • It was a large complex with three principal baths: the apodyterium, the frigidarium, and the caldarium.
  • It was followed by the frigidarium, the tepidarium and caldarium.
  • Six rooms have been excavated, including a tepidarium (room 4) and a caldarium (rooms 5-6). These rooms have the traditional Roman hypocaust heating system.
  • The third area is the hot room or caldarium, a little wider than the previous one which has fourteen hexagonal skylights of the same type, very rare, which enhance the uniqueness of this bath.
  • These represent the full repertoire seen in other Roman baths, including the tepidarium, frigidarium and caldarium.
  • The baths comprise an apodyterium (changing room), tepidarium (warm room) and caldarium (hot room), with attached furnace, water well, "sāqiyah" or water-lifting device, and raised water tank.
  • The temperature of the caldarium is not known exactly: however, since the Romans used sandals with a wooden sole, it could not be higher than [...].
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