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NOUN   a ctenidium | ctenidia
Ctenidium {n}
abdominal ctenidium
Abdominalctenidium {n}
genal ctenidium
Genalctenidium {n}
pronotal ctenidium
Pronotalctenidium {n}
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  • Soft body parts are shown as outlines in transparency.|alt=The ctenidium dominates on the dorsal side on the body, while the crculatory system cover the large part of the lower part of the image.
  • These terrestrial gastropods have lost the ctenidium (comb-like respiratory apparatus) and osphradium, and the pallial cavity has been modified as a lung.
  • Typical of bivalves, water is drawn over gills or ctenidium by the beating of cilia where oxygen from the water is absorbed.
  • Valvatids all exhibit an external bipectinate ctenidium (respiratory organ) which is visible as the animal moves around.
  • Species in this family are characterized by rudimentary cephalic tentacles, a trunklike snout, a foot with a groove and rudimentary to absent ctenidium (a comb-like respiratory apparatus).
  • In the "Beddomeia minima", the pallial tentacle is absent, with a narrow ctenidium that extends to almost the entire length of the pallial cavity and 13 to 17 filaments on the right of the central.
  • The ctenidium (a comblike respiratory apparatus) goes along most of the length of the pallial cavity.
  • Chemoreceptor organs were found near the base on the border of the leaflets of the ctenidium (comb-like respiratory gills), one on each leaflet.
  • The ctenidium, the respiratory gill-comb, is very broad.
  • Water is drawn into the shell from above and passed over the ctenidium before being expelled into the open water at the exposed part of the shell.
  • It also has a ctenidium rather than the usual set of circumpallial gills, lacks osphradia, and does not have even rudimentary eyes.
  • A ctenidium is a respiratory organ or gill which is found in many molluscs.
  • Gill filaments (ctenidium) are reduced in all species of "Blanfordia". There is a verge with a massive gland in some species of "Blanfordia". The nervous system of "Blanfordia" is concentrated.
  • The animal respires by using a type of gill known as a ctenidium (a comb-like respiratory apparatus) which in this species has 20 tall and narrow ctenidial filaments.
  • Pallial roof has black pigment bands along edges of ctenidium and dorsal edge of genital duct; visceral coil pale except for black pigment on testis.
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