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SYNO Ctenophora | phylum Ctenophora
Rippenquallen {pl}
Ctenophora genus
Ctenophorengattung {f} [Rippenquallengattung]
Ctenophora genus
Rippenquallengattung {f} [auch: Rippenquallen-Gattung]
Ctenophora species
Rippenquallenart {f}
Ctenophora species
Ctenophorenart {f} [Rippenquallenart]
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  • Members of the neurexin family are found across all animals, including basal metazoans such as porifera (sponges), cnidaria (jellyfish) and ctenophora (comb jellies).
  • It displays a very iconographic "invertebrae ctenophora" zooming off like an alien spaceship.
  • Both the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes of "Mnemiopsis leidyi" have been sequenced, providing insight into the evolutionary position of Ctenophora (comb jellies).
  • Animals in the phylum Ctenophora ("sea-gooseberries" or "comb jellies") are transparent and jelly-like but have no nematocysts, and are harmless to humans.
  • Diploblastic organisms are organisms which develop from such a blastula, and include cnidaria and ctenophora, formerly grouped together in the phylum Coelenterata, but later understanding of their differences resulted in their being placed in separate phyla.
  • However, ctenophora was not included in the analyses, placing the placozoas outside of the sampled Eumetazoans.
  • It is the first species of ctenophora reported to have giant axons controlling the comb rows.
  • Jellyfish blooms are substantial growths in population of species under the phyla Cnidaria (including several types of jellyfish) and Ctenophora (comb jellies).
  • Lobata is an order of Ctenophora in the class Tentaculata with smaller tentacles than other ctenophores, and distinctive flattened lobes extending outwards from their bodies.
  • "Megachile ctenophora" is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae.
  • "Vallicula" is a genus of ctenophora in the family Coeloplanidae, containing a single species, "Vallicula multiformis".
  • The emergence of true nervous tissue was once thought to have followed the divergence of last common ancestor of Porifera (sponges) and Cnidaria and Ctenophora.
  • Traditionally, Ctenophora has been thought to represent an ancient metazoan phylum.
  • Cyclocoela is a now-invalid classification of Ctenophora.
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