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NOUN   a ctenophore | ctenophores
SYNO comb jelly | ctenophore
ctenophore [phylum Ctenophora]
Rippenqualle {f}
ctenophore [phylum Ctenophora]
Ctenophore {f} [Rippenqualle]
ctenophore genus
Rippenquallengattung {f} [auch: Rippenquallen-Gattung]
ctenophore genus
Ctenophorengattung {f} [Rippenquallengattung]
ctenophore species
Rippenquallenart {f}
ctenophore species
Ctenophorenart {f} [Rippenquallenart]
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  • The plant genus "Mertensia" from the family Boraginaceae is named after him, while the ctenophore genus "Mertensia" is named after his son Karl Heinrich Mertens (1796-1830).
  • Whilst it was originally described as a phyllocarid, and a ctenophore affinity has been suggested, neither interpretation is supported by any compelling evidence.
  • Other important Cambrian ctenophore fossils are "Fasciculus vesanus" and "Ctenorhabdotus capulus".
  • "Paleoctenophora brasseli" is a fossil species of ctenophore, found in Devonian slate near the German town of Buntenbach in Hunsrück, Germany, as a member of the Hunsrück Slate Lagerstätte.
  • Indian River Lagoon is abundant with bioluminescent dinoflagellates in the summer and ctenophore (comb jellies) in the winter.
  • In Florida waters, "Bolinopsis vitrea" is the most common ctenophore.
  • "Deiopea kaloktenota" is a species of ctenophore in the family Eurhamphaeidae. It is the only species in the monotypic genus "Deiopea".
  • "Beroe abyssicola" is a ctenophore with a flexible, highly muscular body.
  • "Callianira hexagona" is a species of ctenophore of the family Mertensiidae. The scientific name of this species was first published in 1789 by Bruguière.
  • Müller's larva or Mulleria is a larva of some Polycladida. It has 8-fold symmetry and is somewhat like a ctenophore.
  • "Sinoascus paillatus" is an extinct species of stem-group ctenophore, known from the Maotianshan shales of Yunnan, China. It is dated to Cambrian Stage 3 and belongs to late Early Cambrian strata.
  • "Maotianoascus octonarius" is an extinct species of stem-group ctenophore, known from the Chinese Maotianshan shales of Yunnan.
  • This ctenophore had catastrophic effects on fish catches after its introduction into the Black and Azov Seas.
  • "Diplulmaris antarctica" feeds on copepods, euphausiid larvate, medusae, ctenophore, fish larvae, and "Limacina antarctica".
  • The genus Trigoides is known from fossils from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte. It is proposed to be a type of ctenophore.
  • Its scientific name is ctenophore (pronounced 'tee-ne-for').
  • The cydippid ctenophore "Pleurobrachia bachei" A. Agassiz, 1860 was named for him; it was discovered in 1859 by Alexander Agassiz who was working as an engineer on a ship surveying the United States/Canada boundary between Washington State and British Columbia.
  • The benthic comb jelly is a comb jelly living in the Ryukyu Trench near Japan. Found at a depth of [...] , it is the deepest dwelling ctenophore discovered.
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