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dysdiadochokinesis <DDK>
Dysdiadochokinese {f} <DDK>
dysdiadokokinesia <DDK> [less often] [dysdiadochokinesis, dysdiadochokinesia]
Dysdiadochokinese {f} <DDK>
dysdiadokokinesis <DDK> [less often] [dysdiadochokinesis, dysdiadochokinesia]
Dysdiadochokinese {f} <DDK>
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  • Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ provide North American commercial street datasets in SDC format. This data was prepared using the Data Development Kit Pro (DDK Pro), which ESRI licenses to select vendors.
  • Hazlewood was music director of DDK from 2000 to 2007.
  • For instance, both Microsoft and Citrix provide a driver development kit (DDK) for developing device drivers.
  • View from rear panel. Amphenol DDK connector.
  • Note: Windows NT DDK, Windows 98 DDK and Windows 2000 DDK are no longer made available by Microsoft because of Java-related settlements made by Microsoft with Sun Microsystems.
  • As the outcome of an NDISwrapper installation should be some sort of Linux driver to be able to work with Linux applications, the first action the user does is to "compile" a couple or more of Windows files, and the NDISwrapper's version of Windows DDK into a Linux Kernel Module.
  • The Windows DDK and the WinDbg documentation both have reference information about most bug checks.
  • He founded consulting firm "DDK Strategy and Public Affairs" in 2003.
  • DDK is a lethal phenotype in "Mus Domesticus ("house mice) that leads to developmental abnormalities and eventually deterioration of the embryo when females with the phenotype mate with males who carry other inbred strains.
  • Perryman's music reviews and interviews have been published in magazines including the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan magazine Acumen, Eyescream magazine in Japan, and dDK magazine Singapore.
  • Her thesis worked explored the genetic architecture of DDK syndrome and the genetic basis for embryonic lethality in mice.
  • The separate areas of responsibility of the two associations DJB and DDK complemented each other when the DJB was founded.
  • Laishram appeared in teleplays, drama and anchored as a programme presenter in DDK Imphal.
  • The prize is currently 250,000 DDK to each recipient since 2010.
  • For OS/2 versions 3 and 4 ALP was distributed, along with other tools and documentation, as part of the "Device Driver Kit" (DDK).
  • In 2011, Team Rynkeby raised 9.772 million DDK (1.315 million EUR) to the fight against childhood cancer.
  • or DDK ML High School and College for short, is an educational institution of Golapganj Upazila under Sylhet District in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh.
  • 120 million DDK to a surplus of appr. 100 million DDK.
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