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NOUN   an electronic book | electronic books
electronic book
Electronic Book {n}
electronic book
elektronisches Buch {n}
electronic cheque book [Br.]elektronisches Scheckbuch {n}
electronic shift book
elektronisches Schichtbuch {n} <eSB, ESB>
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  • Currently, more than 2,500 libraries worldwide subscribe. Electronic book collections became available for institutional purchase in January 2012.
  • Lars Erik Aronsson (born 19 March 1966 in Örebro, Sweden) is a Swedish programmer and consultant, and the founder of two Swedish web sites: the free electronic book archive Project Runeberg and the Swedish language wiki Susning.nu.
  • They allow raw, unedited content to be collectively assembled within the nascent form of the electronic book itself, facilitating a gestational space for content to evolve from spontaneous discussion into an edited "book" according to the activity of the social network.
  • offers access to more than 700,000 print and electronic book titles, tens of thousands of online and print journal titles, and 160 scientific databases.
  • One benefit of electronic book readers is that they allow users to access additional content via hypertext links.
  • The Australian Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (commonly abbreviated to CHESS) is an electronic book entry register of holdings of approved securities that facilitates the transfer and settlement of share market transactions between CHESS participants (including stockbrokers on behalf of their clients, and large institutional investors on their own behalf) as well as speed up the registration of the transfer of securities.
  • In 1996, Springer launched electronic book and journal content on its SpringerLink site.
  • The Data Discman is an electronic book player introduced to the Western market in late 1991 or early 1992 by Sony Corporation.
  • In 1995, Franklin launched its Bookman product line, which came with an installed database and included a slot for plugging in a second electronic book.
  • Dream Pod 9 was nominated for two ENnie Awards, "Best Miniature Product" and "Best Electronic Book", in 2008.
  • DRS is an entirely electronic book-entry style system that does not involve physical stock certificates.
  • Manu Herbstein (born 1936) is the South African author of "Ama, a Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade" (2001), which won the 2002 Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book, the first time the award had been given to an electronic book.
  • It would compete with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other electronic book retailers with its own e-book store.
  • In August 2012 ISFiC Press issued its first electronic book, "Win Some, Lose Some: The Hugo Award Winning (and Nominated) Short Science Fiction and Fantasy of Mike Resnick" (by Mike Resnick; Cover by Vincent Di Fate) as well as the hardcover edition of the same title.
  • "Truth & Justice" won the 2005 Indie RPG Award for Best Support, [...] the 2006 Silver ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book and the 2006 Silver Award for Innovation (an ENnie Judges' Award).
  • Because the first sale doctrine does not apply to electronic books, libraries cannot freely lend e-books indefinitely after purchase.
  • The notion of well-formedness as opposed to validity (which enables parsing without a schema) was first formalized in XML, although it had been implemented successfully in the Electronic Book Technology "Dynatext" software; the software from the University of Waterloo New Oxford English Dictionary Project; the RISP LISP SGML text processor at Uniscope, Tokyo; the US Army Missile Command IADS hypertext system; Mentor Graphics Context; Interleaf and Xerox Publishing System.
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