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NOUN   an eye-catcher | eye-catchers
eye catcherBlickfang {m}
eye catcherEyecatcher {m}
eye catcherEye-Catcher {m}
Störer {m} [veraltend]
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Übersetzung für 'Eye-Catcher' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eye catcher
Blickfang {m}

Eyecatcher {m}

Eye-Catcher {m}
Störer {m} [veraltend]printmarket.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The revolutionary 'blup' architecture used, in collaboration with UNStudio's and Ben van Berkel, set a new building trend in motion and is still an eye-catcher today.
  • Its skyline is dominated from the three churches of (from south to north) St Simeon, St Martin and St Mary, the tower of the latter being an eye-catcher over a long distance.
  • Several designs exist for this building which was sited at the far extremity of the Kings Weston estate to the west and acted as both an eye-catcher from the house and a belvedere to view ships arriving in the Avon and Severn Estuary.
  • Other features in the folly garden include a "trompe-l'œil" nymphaeum, a smoke house, an "eye catcher", Chinese cow sheds and an island gazebo.
  • Jenny's Lantern is an area of moorland in north , England, taking its name from an 18th-century 'eye-catcher' folly sited towards the top of a small promontory hill above the River Aln.
  • The magazines were a financial success, not least of all due to her as an eye-catcher.
  • The building served excellent as an eye catcher because of its scale and proportions.
  • The museum building is an eye catcher with its unusual external form.
  • At the premiere of the musical Starlight Express in 1988 in Bochum, the locomotive was displayed for a short time as an eye catcher in front of the new built theatre but then returned to the museum.
  • He thought that two "Ks" in Carl's name would be an eye catcher.
  • He designed in 1769 the folly or eye-catcher known as Codger Fort at , on the Wallington Hall estate.
  • The "pregnant teenager" started its tour around the country on 20 May as an eye-catcher of the campaign.
  • The eye-catcher of the Artillery Corps is a limber carrying a large cannon, which is drawn by six draught horses.
  • He seems very quiet at first but is definitely an eye-catcher.
  • In reflection of his work and legacy, it has been suggested that his work "Destiny" is a historical piece of art, and not just an eye-catcher.
  • Among other buildings, the little castle on the Pfaueninsel in the Havel river was constructed as an eye-catcher.
  • The ruinous Simonburn Castle to the west was partly rebuilt as a Gothick eye-catcher or folly in 1766, to be seen from Nunwick Hall; it has since collapsed.
  • The façade of the building features a glass front with 700-pound Cambrian black granite panels sweeping around the sides in a dramatic saw-tooth pattern; according to Stone Ideas, this is an "eye-catcher" not only for its functional practicality, but also for its unique design.
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