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SYNO flat panel display | FPD
footpad dermatitis <FPD> [esp. in poultry]
Fußballenentzündung {f} [bes. bei Geflügel]
flat panel detector <FPD>
Flachbilddetektor {m} <FD>
flat panel detector <FPD>
Festkörperdetektor {m} <FD> [Flachbilddetektor]
flat-panel detector <FPD>
Flachdetektor {m} <FD>
foot-pad dermatitis <FPD> [esp. in poultry]
Fußballenentzündung {f} [bes. bei Geflügel]
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  • Funicello was temporarily an assistant coach at Liga FPD club Limón in early 2021.
  • FPD was set up as a department under the then MITA to regulate the content of films and publications on 1 January 1998.
  • The Apertura tournament of the 2017–18 Liga FPD season was dedicated to him.
  • As an example, FPD-Link actually uses LVDS in a combination of serialized and parallel communications.
  • First Presbyterian Day School (FPD) is a private, college-preparatory Christian day school in Macon, Georgia, United States.
  • OpenLDI is based on the FPD-Link specification, which was the de facto standard for transferring graphics and video data through notebook computer hinges since the late 1990s.
  • FPD-Link III was introduced in 2010. Further improving FPD-Link II, FPD-Link III's major feature is embedding a bidirectional communication channel on the same differential pair.
  • The seat is held by João Vieira Lopes, from the FpD.
  • Martínez began his career with his local club Municipal Liberia, making his first professional appearance in a 2–0 Liga FPD win over La U Universitarios on 2 August 2015.
  • Jicaral were promoted for the first time to the Liga FPD after defeating Guanacasteca in the Liga de Ascenso final, thus replacing Carmelita in the Liga FPD.
  • Nestor Monge (born 7 January 1990) is a Costa Rican professional footballer who plays for Liga FPD side Guadalupe.
  • Dennis Castillo Romero (born April 30, 1993) is a Costa Rican footballer who plays for Sporting Football Club in Liga FPD.
  • FPD measurements are also used in the dairy industry to ensure that milk has not had extra water added. Milk with a FPD of over 0.509 °C is considered to be unadulterated.
  • Fully probabilistic design (of decision strategies or control, FPD) removes the mentioned drawback and expresses also the DM goals of by the "ideal" probability, which assigns high (small) values to desired (undesired) behaviours of the closed DM loop formed by the influenced world part and by the used strategy.
  • On 2 February 2021, Alemán returned to Costa Rica, signing with Liga FPD side Guadalupe.
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