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alternative hypothesis <H1, h1, Ha, ha>
Alternativhypothese {f} <H1>
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alternative hypothesis <H1, h1, Ha, ha>
Alternativhypothese {f} <H1>math.stat.
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  • g7 h1=Q (if 3...Nc4+ then 4.Kb5 h1=Q 5.g8=Q+ Bb8 6.a7 Na3+ 7.Kc6 Qh2 8.axb8=Q+ Qxb8 9.b7+ Ka7 10.Qg1+ Ka6 11.Qb6 mate) 4.
  • If Black queens the b-pawn instead, the queen on b1 is captured after 9.Qd6+ Kxe4 10.Qg6+. If Black tries to get a queen on h1, it's gone after 9.Qd6+ Kxe4 10.Qc6+.
  • bringing the White King from e1 to h1. Actually, Polerio did claim 5.0-0 gxf3 6.Qxf3 to be favourable for White although the white king of Polerio did stand, after 5.0-0, on h1 but not on g1 (i.e. ...
  • The name Jed is of obscure origin. James has suggested that it may derive from Proto-Indo-European "*wei(h1)- d-" "a bend, something curved or twisted".
  • White should have immediately started the W manoeuvre along the h8–h1 edge, e.g.
  • The fictive model structure for this discussion has two confined quantized electronic and two hole subbands, e1, e2 and h1, h2, respectively.
  • The inscriptions are graphically very similar to the Serabit inscriptions, but show a greater hieroglyphic influence, such as a glyph for a man that was apparently not read alphabetically: The first of these ("h1") is a figure of celebration A28, whereas the second ("h2") is either that of a child A17 or of dancing A32.
  • However, White's rook on the "d1" square is pinned against its king in the corner at "h1" by Black's rook on "c1", making the checkmate unplayable.
  • at g2 after pawn g2–g3, can provide a strong defense for the castled king on g1 and often exert pressure on the long diagonal h1–a8.
  • Therefore, House 1 (h1) is considered as the best alternative.
  • (1 h1). in the final S. Palmer (ex-Cambridge Un. AC) fell at the fifth hurdle and did not finish while F.
  • For instance, roasted peanuts have higher levels of Ara h1 than fried and boiled peanut preparations.
  • NS Puppis is a naked eye star, given the h1 and the Bright Star Catalogue number 3225. It was considered to be a stable star until 1966. It was given the variable star designation NS Puppis in 1975.
  • There are about 40 species of Chara in Europe, where they are commonly found in the specific habitat-type designated as H3140 (hard oligo-mesotrophic waters with benthic vegetation of "Chara spp" h1) in the Natura 2000 plans of the European Union.
  • c7 h1=Q 6.c8=Q, draw. Now the white king has gained enough tempi to get in the square of the black pawn and intercept it.
  • If 2.g7?, then 2...h1(Q) draws; all other 2nd moves lose for White.
  • For example, a tag such as "h1" (header level 1) might be presented in a large bold sans-serif typeface in an article, or it might be underscored in a monospaced (typewriter-style) document &ndash; or it might simply not change the presentation at all.
  • hxg1=Q and 12...h1=Q, as in Schuster–Carls, Bremen 1914 and [...] &ndash;Torre, Mexico 1928.
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