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I would rather think ...Ich möchte fast glauben, ...
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Übersetzung für 'I would rather think' von Englisch nach Deutsch

I would rather think ...
Ich möchte fast glauben, ...
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  • Mitchell: "I think he would have found it difficult to have gotten funding because his ideas were rather radical."
  • "Steam Heat" was one of four songs which Adler and Ross wrote ("within two days, I think" - Adler) and submitted to George Abbott in hopes of being hired to score the stage musical Abbott was developing, which would become "The Pajama Game". Rather than complementing the musical's storyline of a labor dispute at a garment factory, "Steam Heat" manifests as an overt staged number being a song-and-dance number featured as the "entertainment portion" of a union rally with the factory boss' s secretary Gladys as lead performer.
  • The other was Lewis Mumford's "Technics and Civilization" – if I read it again now I do not know what I would think of it, but certainly that was a starting point for my interest in looking at history in technological terms rather than in the constitutional/political terms prevalent at Oxford".
  • Lyrics from Rowland include "There's a million ways that I could tell you / But I think I would rather show you that it's over / And I won't be back no more", whilst Khalifa raps "I been here before / And you know Kelly never lied / So you can get your stuff / And get to going / I'll get back to getting high".
  • "If there is going to be nudity in a film, I would rather do it myself than use my body double.
  • I think rather than being backed into a corner, part of Carl thinks that if Chas has knocked him back, he'll try and do right by Lexi".
  • "I think once you finish you might as well finish rather than making all sorts of comebacks.
  • I considered the manufacture of chairs to be rather primitive and I was trying to think up new processes" he said in 2008, he worked with foams and rubbers from Italy all worked around a light metallic frame.
  • And I’d want to make it a little more of an action horror, just a real bloody action kind of film rather than so much of a slasher film that it was this time”.
  • "As a matter of fact, they'd rather I wouldn't because I'm so bad at housekeeping.
  • These were evidently not what would normally be recognized as political slogans; rather, they were subjective expressions of the private individual.
  • But remember that it is your duty to obey me rather than persuade me."
  • Vassey said Wendy liked Hodges because she could see something else in him, rather than the "suck-up" everyone else saw.
  • Some film critics identified Ennis as bisexual rather than strictly homosexual.
  • Quinn's argument against the obscenity charges was based upon claims that the prurient material in "Ulysses" was actually a deterrent rather than a pernicious influence.
  • us letting out some demons" rather than a new album.
  • Some people tend to dislike rather than like and are looking for faults instead of seeing music for what it is, good or bad".
  • David Brewis said the approach was "quite anachronistic" in a way because it adhered strongly to the concept of an album, rather than the more modern concept of individual digital tracks.
  • The photograph was taken at a show for the US press held June 11, 1905 at a ranch located southwest of Ponca City, Oklahoma: Geronimo, then imprisoned at Fort Sill, is actually posed in a Locomobile rather than a Cadillac.
  • He eats just one meal a day and rather dislikes vegetables.
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