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I would say ...Ich würde sagen ...
I would even go so far as to say that ...Ich würde sogar so weit gehen zu sagen, dass ...
I would venture to say ...Ich möchte die Bemerkung wagen ...
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  • Vanderbilt coach Dan McGugin stated "If you would give me Doc Rodes, I would say he was a greater player than Curry."
  • Since the neighborhood does not have any municipal status the population is unknown, but as a person who lives there I would say that there are ~3,000-4,000 people.
  • And the reason Oprah was a fan of the song was because Maya Angelou had called her and said something to the effect of "Girl, I didn't write this but if I ever did write a song for this is exactly what I would say."
  • It was at least the case that an agreement was entered into against the will of the sport, then I would say that it is very reminiscent of a political game".
  • In November 1962, when he was asked to describe his political philosophy, Landon said: "I would say practical progressive, which means that the Republican party or any political party has got to recognize the problems of a growing and complex industrial civilization.
  • The director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oklahoma says the non-profit receives numerous complaints about treatment in private prisons: "I would say we get roughly double the number per capita from private prison inmates from public prison inmates."
  • If pushed I would say they've taken a good liking to '70s rock but taken on board the works of bands such as Muse and The Cooper Temple Clause, along with the more expansive end of Seattle grunge music."
  • Even if one considers the reasonableness of time, I would say that the incident that gave birth to the death of the late Dele Giwa is not only unique in its form but also complex and would require sufficient time to conduct detailed and balanced investigation, a report on which the appropriate authority would reasonably act.
  • We were followed all over the world by this film crew from Europe and I got to be very good friends with the filmmakers. I would say things and do things as if the camera wasn't even there.
  • If I were under any illusions about what we were doing, seeing her in that iconic moment was, I would say, sobering."
  • Writer Steve Orlando told "The Advocate" that "I would say I feel pressure to showcase a realistic relationship, and that means neither an unattainable, idealized vision or an overly dysfunctional one.
  • If your inquiry has anything to do with the present situation in Atlanta then I would say the only remedy is to remove the cause.
  • As stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi in January 2020: "I would say the Security Council's main shortcoming is the under-representation of developing countries.
  • "If anybody asks about my career, I would say, my first career is editor, second is teacher," Ye said.
  • Waltpaper stated in "Interview": "I would say a lot of the community felt our experience of the time was hijacked by that "Party Monster" narrative...That's not the New York I knew.
  • In a 2021 interview with "NME", Jean was quoted as saying, "To people who say "The Simpsons" isn't as good as it used to be, I would say I think the world isn't as good as it used to be.
  • Éamon de Valera said of him, "He died the Prince he was. Of all the men I ever met, I would say he was the noblest".
  • He never talks about the game. I would say there is a big question mark over whether Sugar's heart is in the club and in football.
  • ("I would say that...") instead of the High German [...].
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