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junction field effect transistor <junction FET, JFET, JUGFET>
Sperrschicht-Feldeffekttransistor {m} <Sperrschicht-FET, SFET>
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  • It is also possible to construct a device similar to a lambda diode by combining an n-channel JFET with a PNP bipolar transistor.
  • The structure of a UJT is similar to that of an N-channel JFET, but p-type (gate) material surrounds the N-type (channel) material in a JFET, and the gate surface is larger than the emitter junction of UJT.
  • JFET was first patented by Heinrich Welker in 1945.
  • A JFET can be made to act as a current source by tying its gate to its source.
  • Two of the more common and most cost-effective designs for JFET VCR are the non-linearized and linearized VCR design.
  • Improved JFET process technologies, discrete JFET devices and JFET topologies will continue to challenge highly integrated monolithic designs for sockets in high quality electronic products.
  • This JFET is part of a family of ultra-low-noise, dual JFET.
  • LIS announced in 2013 the LSK489, a dual JFET that combines low capacitance with low noise similar to the LSK389.
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