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NOUN   a jayhawker | jayhawkers
Jayhawker State [nickname] [Kansas]
[Spitzname für Kansas, USA]
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Übersetzung für 'Jayhawker' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Jayhawker State [nickname] [Kansas]
[Spitzname für Kansas, USA]geogr.
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  • He was captured by Jayhawker militia and sold to the Union Army before being exchanged and returned to the South following Sherman's intervention.
  • Jayhawker raids against perceived civilian "Confederate sympathizers" alienated Missourians and made maintaining the peace even harder for the Unionist provisional government.
  • The name "Jayhawk" comes from the Kansas Jayhawker militias during the Bleeding Kansas era of the American Civil War.
  • John Brown might be the best-known participant in the violence of the late 1850s, participating on the abolitionist or Jayhawker side, but numerous groups fought for each side during the "Bleeding Kansas" period.
  • Letters Morgan wrote while travelling were compiled into four books: "A Journey of a Jayhawker" (1905), "A Jayhawker in Europe" (1911), "The Near East" (1913) and "Yurrup" As Is" (1926).
  • Probably the most well known commander of this post was Charles Jennison, a notorious Jayhawker and Redleg, who commanded men who committed numerous depredations against Missourians who they assumed were all disloyal to the Union.
  • As a Kansas Jayhawker, he supported and was a proponent of John Brown's movement in the time of strife leading up to the American Civil War.
  • Rooks was a Red leg and a Jayhawker. This company remained at Aubry through the winter of 1862–3.
  • Charles Rainsford Jennison also known as "Doc" Jennison (June 6, 1834 – June 21, 1884) was a member of the anti-slavery faction during Bleeding Kansas, a famous Jayhawker, and a member of the Kansas State Senate in the 1870s.
  • James Montgomery (December 22, 1814 – December 6, 1871) was a Jayhawker during the Bleeding Kansas era and a controversial Union colonel during the American Civil War.
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