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Relay K1 goes dead and drops out.
Relais K1 wird stromlos und fällt ab.
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Relay K1 goes dead and drops out.
Relais K1 wird stromlos und fällt ab.electr.
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  • Both k1 Puppis and k2 Puppis are bright blue B-type stars of nearly equal brightness, +4.50 and +4.62, respectively.
  • In the first two decades of the 21st century, several larger kickboxing promotions such as Glory, One Championship and Bellator Kickboxing have adopted the k1/oriental rule set, which allows knee strikes, kicking and punching.
  • Although the equilibrium constant is more meaningful, texts often mention its inverse, the affinity constant (Kaff = k1/k−1): A better binding means an increase of binding affinity.
  • On 31 December 2012, he fought k1 legend Kyotaro Fuijmoto under boxing rules defeating him in the fifth round via TKO.
  • Wave groups can only be discerned in case of a narrow-banded signal, with the wave-number difference "k1 − k2" small compared to the mean wave number "½ (k1 + k2)".
  • At the 2022 World Championship taking in Dartmouth, Canada Simon placed 4th in the K1 5000m, 5th in the k4 500m, and 10th in the K2 500m races.
  • Weckwert) He was European and world junior champion in 2018 (K1 200m).
  • Note that two hex-digits of k1 and k2 define one byte of the input string, whose length is 64 bytes .
  • The naive approach at brute-forcing this encryption scheme is to decrypt the ciphertext with every possible "k"2, and decrypt each of the intermediate outputs with every possible "k"1, for a total of 2"|k1|" × 2"|k2|" (or 2"|k1|+|k2|") operations.
  • Its direction is given by k4 = k1 + k2 − k3, and so if the two pump beams are counterpropagating (k1 = −k2), then the conjugate and signal beams propagate in opposite directions (k4 = −k3).
  • He won the East German National k1-500 meters title in 1966. And the following year, he won in K2 over the same distance.
  • If one reaction occurs much faster than the other one (k1 > k2), it (k1) will be called the main reaction, the other one (k2) side reaction.
  • The "k"1-dimensional marginal distributions ("k1<"k") are of the same type as (4), and the one-dimensional marginal distributions are Pareto Type IV.
  • + k1 expresses [...] and all its r-agonal neighbors.
  • The sum of these two equations is k1[...] – 2 k4[...]2 = 0. This may be solved to find the steady-state concentration of •CH3 radicals as [...] = (k1 / 2k4)1/2 [...]1/2.
  • When [...] is small and negligible, the above complex equation reduces to the simple rate equation that depends on k1 and [...] only.
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