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second language <L2>
Zweitsprache {f} <L2>
second lumbar vertebra <2nd lumbar vertebra, L2 vertebra, L2> [Vertebra lumbalis II]
zweiter Lendenwirbel {m} <2. Lendenwirbel, L2, L 2>
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  • L2 speakers can also perceive some innate characteristics of the L2, which lead to different repair strategies for different phonological patterns.
  • PD-L2 binds to its receptor PD-1 with dissociation constant Kd of 11.3 nM.
  • Future plans are for L2 to be diverted at Sant Antoni, via an interchange with L3 at Poble Sec, to Barcelona Airport.
  • in mathematics from University of Berlin (1922) with a dissertation titled "Über die Kreiskörper der l-ten und l2-ten Einheitswurzeln", advised by Issai Schur and based on results published first in 1917.
  • Empirical research has attempted to account for variables detailed by SLA theories and provide an insight into L2 learning processes, which can be applied in educational environments.
  • Language aptitude is one of the important factors that determined L2 later learners' ultimate achievement, but it has less effect on L2 early learners.
  • The link between humor and motivation in the L2 speaking classroom is very interesting.
  • L1 interference in bilingual language acquisition generally refers to the influence that the learner's L1 exerts over the acquisition of an L2.
  • A daily average of l2 trucks were deadlined during the period that this organization was providing maintenance, and many trucks required third echelon work.
  • R-L2 is a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup, characteristic of a part of the inhabitants of Italy and Western Europe in general.
  • In case of two caches, L1 and L2 with exclusive cache policy (L2 does not cache same the memory locations as L1), L2 acts as the victim cache for L1.
  • did experiments on rats that suggested that vitamin L2 deficiency inhibits the ability of female rats for lactation.
  • LG Optimus L2 is a slate smartphone designed and manufactured by LG Electronics. The Optimus L2 runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The LG Optimus L2 is the budget-range handset in the L series.
  • An MBQC of this restricted kind is known as an "l2"-MBQC.
  • An engaging and enjoyable L2 classroom, where effective motivation techniques are utilized by teachers, is often the strongest predictor of motivated language learning behaviors.
  • Although no buses run It can be easily accessed from the Barcelona Metro stations Universitat (L1 and L2 and Sant Antoni (L2.
  • Sixty-nine L2 locomotives received mechanical stokers and were reclassified as class L2-r.
  • Note that these L2 types of control frames are sent autonomously by L2.
  • Because centrifugal force l2/r3 increases very rapidly compared to the gravitational force (which goes as 1/r2) as the distance r decreases, matter feels increasing centrifugal force as it approaches a black hole.
  • Output devices are always connected to L2. Any electrical overloads that are to be included must be shown between the output device and L2; otherwise, the output device must be the last component before L2.
  • L2, so these formulas are compatible with the L2 theory if "p" > 2.
  • The Wolfdale chips come in four sizes, with 6 MB and 3 MB L2 cache (Core 2 Duo); the smaller version is commonly called Wolfdale-3M, 2 MB L2 (Pentium), and 1 MB L2 (Celeron).
  • The curriculum teaches first years: Religion; Irish as L2; English as L1; Mathematics; French as L2; German as L2; Science; Business Studies; History; Geography; CSPE; SPHE; Woodwork; Technical Graphics; Art; Music; Technology and Physical Education.
  • It should be a central technique as it is the quickest way to make authentic classroom communication possible: statement in L2, restatement in L1 and again in L2; L2 =>L1=>L2.
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