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fourth lumbar vertebra <4th lumbar vertebra, L4 vertebra, L4> [Vertebra lumbalis IV]
vierter Lendenwirbel {m} <4. Lendenwirbel, L4, L 4>
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  • The station serves Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona-operated L4.
  • 1L Citroën l4 petrol engine, in contrast to the plans for a diesel option.
  • A study by Regan found the result of replacement was the same at L4-5 and L5-S1 with the CHARITE disc. However, the ProDisc II had more favorable results at L4-5 compared with L5-S1.
  • The fourth lumbar spinal nerve (L4) originates from the spinal column from below the lumbar vertebra 4 (L4).
  • At the 1984 Summer Paralympics, she won a gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke L4, 100 meter butterfly L4, and 200 meter medley L4.
  • The adjacent Block L4 and L7 gas fields are located in the Southern North Sea. The L7 gas field was discovered in 1973 and the L4 field the following year.
  • An L4 ribosomal protein leader is a ribosomal protein leader involved in ribosome biogenesis.
  • 6-litre Ford l4 engine.
  • "Bradyfallotaspis fusa", "Geraldinella corneiliana" and "Selindella gigantea", all have a long frontal glabellar lobe (L4), and eye ridges that contact only the posterior part of L4, and so these genera belong to the “Nevadioidea“.
  • A new engine choice to the local market is introduced in that year: the diesel engine, which was a Perkins 3.3 L (203 cu in) l4 engine with 120 hp SAE at 3,000 RPM.
  • Even though the z196 processor has on-die facilities for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), there are 2 dedicated companion chips called the "Shared Cache" (SC) that each adds 96 MB off-die L4 cache for a total of 192 MB L4 cache.
  • The potential performance gains of L4 are tempered by the fact that the user-space applications will often have to provide many of the functions formerly supported by the kernel.
  • Haplogroup L4 is a minor haplogroup of East Africa that arose around 70 kya but did not participate in the out-of-Africa migration.
  • The L4.sec system, which is a successor to the L4 microkernel family, is a capability-based system, and has been significantly influenced by the results of the EROS project.
  • The L4 microkernel family (mainly the L3 and the L4 kernel) was created to demonstrate that microkernels are not necessarily slow.
  • An L4 segment, is essentially the payload of an L3 packet. The L4 header, in its short form, consists of just a single byte.
  • before being transferred to Scott Saldana's ownership; it was later sold to the L4 Media Group of Melbourne, Florida.
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