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Lashly Glacier
Lashly-Gletscher {m}
Lashly Mountains
Lashly Mountains {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Lashly' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Lashly Glacier
Lashly-Gletscher {m}geogr.
Lashly Mountains
Lashly Mountains {pl}geogr.
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  • Along with William Lashly, he accompanied Scott on his "Furthest West" sledge journey to the interior of Victoria Land in 1903.
  • However, they had great difficulty navigating down the glacier. Lashly wrote: "I cannot describe the maze we got into and the hairbreadth escapes we have had to pass through."
  • Hambledon is the place of birth and death of William Lashly (1867–1940), a member of Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic expeditions.
  • Mount Handsley, named in 1969 by the New Zealand Antarctic Place-Names Committee in recognition of his efforts on a major sledging journey with Scott, Evans, Feather Skelton and Lashly Evans up the Ferrar and Taylor Glaciers in 1903.
  • Jacob M. Lashly (ca. 1882 – 1967) was a president of the American Bar Association.
  • "Latona" entered "Lloyd's Register" ("LR") in 1787 with John Hall, master, and W. Lashly, owner, and trade London–Petersburg.
  • The fossils were first discovered in the Lashly Mountains.
  • Mount Brooke and the Jurassic Mawson Formation dominate the southwest end of Coombs Hills. The Jurassic Ferrar Dolerite outcrops to the east, encompassing pockets of the Triassic Lashly Formation.
  • The mountain has a broad ice-capped summit, and stands south of the Lashly Mountains, on the south side of the main stream of the Skelton Glacier where it leaves the polar plateau.
  • The Lashly Mountains (...) are a small group of mountains, the most prominent at [...] being Mount Crean, standing south of the head of Taylor Glacier and west of Lashly Glacier, in Oates Land, Antarctica.
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