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Miranda rights [Am.]
[Recht eines Verdächtigen auf Aussageverweigerung und einen Anwalt]
to waive one's Miranda rights [Am.]
auf sein Aussageverweigerungs­recht verzichten
to read sb. his / her Miranda rights [Am.]
jdm. seine Rechte vorlesen [einen Verdächtigen über sein Recht auf Aussageverweigerung und einen Anwalt belehren, vgl. § 136 StPO]
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  • She is arrested and read her Miranda Rights, as Mahone expresses frustration that she did not lead them to the brothers.
  • McNeil waived his "Miranda" rights when talking to the detective about the Caledonia murder.
  • Though he was informed of his Miranda rights, Misskelley later claimed he did not fully understand them.
  • Craighead," the Ninth Circuit held that the defendant's rights had been violated when he was interrogated in his own home without first being read his Miranda rights.
  • As Gittens is being read his Miranda rights, Scott requests Cole to bring Gittens in.
  • It said that importing US-style "Miranda" rights was not in the interests of Canada.
  • The blog owner turned in the comments to Pantano's attorney, who confronted Coburn on the stand with his own remarks in a dramatic cross-examination that resulted in Coburn being taken off the stand and read his Miranda rights.
  • When a suspect is arrested, he is informed of two rights, analogous to Miranda rights.
  • A September 2014 hearing was conducted to determine whether Hernandez's statements that were made before the police had read the Miranda rights to him were legally admissible at trial.
  • On each day, Khadr waived any Miranda rights and agreed to speak with them.
  • The opening and closing titles of the film emphasized the point that it was a fictional account of the events that led to the creation of Miranda rights by the U.S.
  • The case against Tiede's co-defendant Ingrid Ruske was dismissed because she had not been notified of her Miranda rights before signing a confession.
  • North Carolina", a case related to Miranda rights in juvenile cases.
  • The requirement that a waiver be unequivocal must be distinguished from situations in which the suspect made an equivocal assertion of their "Miranda" rights after the interrogation began.
  • "Miranda v. Arizona" (1966) may be considered establishing a bright-line rule.
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