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NCOs' spokesperson [German Armed Forces]
Vertrauensperson {f} der Unteroffiziere [Bundeswehr]
the NCOs and other enlisted men
Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften {pl}
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  • Underlying the UNSDI is the need to link UNSDI with national public and private geospatial and SDI capacities, both in developed and developing countries. To this end National Coordination Offices (NCOs) for UNSDI are to be established. Below the established NCOs are listed.
  • In the British Armed Forces, NCOs are divided into two categories. Lance corporals (including lance bombardiers) and corporals (including lance sergeants, bombardiers, and lance corporals of horse) are junior NCOs. Sergeants (including corporals of horse), staff sergeants (including colour sergeants and staff corporals), and RAF chief technicians and flight sergeants are senior NCOs.
  • Van Autreve saw increasing the standards of the army's non-commissioned officer (NCO) corps as his highest priority. As part of the rejuvenation of the NCO Corps, Van Autreve gave NCOs more voice in command decisions, reduced the army's reliance on soldiers' councils, increased professional standards for NCOs, developed the Noncommissioned Officer Education System, and encouraged NCOs to have the moral courage to police their own ranks.
  • The NCO ranks in the Finnish Defence Force are filled by conscripts, career NCOs and contractual military personnel at ranks from sargeant to sergeant-major. The basic NCO rank "professional military person" (...) was abolished in 2006. It was position reserved for career NCOs who had not received conscript NCO training. Its relation to other rank and file ranks was unspecified. Nowadays, career NCOs wear a heraldic sword under their chevrons to distinguish them from conscript and contractual sergeants.
  • This battalion houses units that are responsible for the usage and building of brigade-scale signal systems. It also trains NCOs for this task. The battalion also has the HQ company (Esikuntakomppania, EK) that trains the military police for the brigade, which also uses the dogs trained by the Kainuu jaegar battalion. MP NCOs are not trained at the brigade, but in Rovaniemi. The recon and "sissi" NCOs specialiced in communications are also trained in Northern Finland signal battalion.
  • The Headquarters Troop also trained almost all medics of the Finnish Defence Forces on its three-week combat medic course. The NCO school of the unit, on the other hand, received conscript NCO students from all units of the FDF and the Finnish Border Guard for special training as logistics NCOs. The NCO students were trained to fulfill NCO duties as medic NCOs, motor vehicle NCO, supply NCOs, weapons smith NCOs or hygienics NCOs.
  • Over the course of the war, four officers and sixty-three NCOs were killed, with a further thirty-eight NCOs dying of wounds, four as the result of gas and three of sickness received on duty.
  • Coal Oil Point Reserve, a protected area adjacent to NCOS, boasts one of the most productive populations of the Western Snowy Plover, a rare and threatened shorebird species. Western Snowy Plovers have begun using the sand flat habitat at NCOS that is specifically designed for them.
  • It comprises the band, with 42 full-time musicians (three officers and 39 NCOs), and the light orchestra with seven NCOs. The commander of the HAF Band is Major Alexandros Litsaropoulos.
  • Some bases have a joint NCOs' and Officers' Mess.
  • The rank insignia of Africans differed by one chevron from German ranks (eg. a German Gefreiter wore no chevrons, an African wore one, a German Unteroffizier wore one chevron, and African wore two etc). Despite them having nominally similar ranks, European NCOs always outranked Native NCOs.
  • The distinction galloons and pipings for enlisted ranks and NCOs were made from yellow sheep's wool, for Ensigns since 1908 from yellow silk, and for officers from gold yarn. Pertaining private procured special editions to enlisted ranks and NCOs, silk trims have been allowed as well.
  • Over the course of the campaign the regiment lost 25 officers and 1,817 NCOs and enlisted men out of its initial strength of 49 officers and 3,638 NCOs and enlisted men.
  • The Bavarian NCO Corps consisted of long-serving and career soldiers, usually recruited from those completing military service. There was a strict career separation between officers and NCOs. This led to substantial social problems during World War I, because qualified NCOs were blocked from promotion to officer ranks.
  • "Feldwebel" and above were "Unteroffiziere mit Portepee" (Senior NCOs); "Unterfeldwebel" and "Unteroffiziere" were "Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee" (Junior NCOs). In 1921, the rank of "Sergeant" was renamed "Unterfeldwebel". "Unterfeldwebels" did duty as squad/section leaders.
  • Headquarters were at Castletown, where there were stationed 130 privates, 7 corporals, 6 sergeants and the regiment's three drummers. Douglas had 60 privates and 10 NCOs; Ramsey 50 privates and 8 NCOs and Peel 40 privates and 6 NCOs. The Peel detachment provided a guard at Kirk Michael.
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