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Oops! [coll.]Ups! [ugs.]
Oops!Oh je!
Oops-a-daisy! [coll.]Hoppala!
Oops-a-daisy! [coll.]Hupsala!
object-oriented programming style <OOPS>
objektorientierter Programmierstil {m} <OOPS>
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  • Hunt appears to be a frustrated gameshow host as (depending on the response) he likes to reply to the answers of his clients with expressions such as "Quack-quack-oops", "Ah-Er" and "Bing - The top answer".
  • Smith is known for the manoeuvres "rodeo flip" and full rotation "alley-oops' and he has been sponsored by O'Neill since 2007.
  • Kernel panics appear in Linux like in other Unix-like systems, but they can also generate another kind of error condition, known as a kernel oops.
  • Creative or spectacular goals, such as 360 degree jumps and alley-oops, are awarded with two points, as well as in-flights and 6 meter throws.
  • Additions to the gameplay include spin moves, alley oops and double slam dunks - a slam dunk performed after one team member in the middle of a dunk passes to the other member.
  • In computing, an oops is a serious but non-fatal error in the Linux kernel.
  • The 2008 National Champions Kansas Jayhawks had several designs for alley-oops, including some thrown from inbound sets, and could execute them interchangeably with almost all of the players being able to both lob and finish the play.
  • In the introduction, Wilber describes the deeply dysteleological perspective of contemporary philosophical naturalism as "the philosophy of 'oops'".
  • After the Fall of Kabul in August 2021, she stated that the negotiating team had been close to a peace deal "and then oops, the President has disappeared.
  • Spin rooms can occasionally include moments of candor, such as when presidential candidate Rick Perry admitted that he had "stepped in it" during a debate response that became known as his "oops" moment.
  • The terms differ from the colloquial English expression "oops baby" which simply refers to any unplanned birth.
  • "Run and Gun II" is a sequel that adds maneuvers like alley oops, spins, and defensive moves such as block outs.
  • Initially, his only vocalizations included mostly animal-like sounds like cooing or roars, but hints were dropped as early as "The Uncanny X-Men" #168 that he was capable of more articulate words like "oops" and was shown as capable of speaking some words of English years later in "Fantastic Four Versus the X-Men" #4 (June 1987) and "Excalibur" #64 (April 1993).
  • Owens appeared in the NBA All-Star celebrity game again in 2009 scoring 17 points including two alley-oops, to secure his second consecutive MVP award.
  • The Danish missile was later known as the "hovsa-missile" ("hovsa" being the Danish term for "oops").
  • Game play usually involves players attempting spectacular slam dunks and alley oops.
  • Point guard Chris Paul, and big men Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, were known for their spectacular alley-oops; during their shared time with the Los Angeles Clippers their team earned the name "Lob City".
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