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OSI reference model
OSI-Referenzmodell {n}
Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model <OSI model>
OSI-Referenzmodell {n}
Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model <OSI model>
OSI-Schichtenmodell {n}
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  • The concept was based on the ISO-OSI Reference Model, in order to realize an open system which could use almost any desired protocol.
  • The Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model was developed under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and provides a rigorous description for layering protocol functions from the underlying hardware to the software interface concepts in user applications.
  • Although MPI belongs in layers 5 and higher of the OSI Reference Model, implementations may cover most layers, with sockets and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) used in the transport layer.
  • Communication between processes in NLTSS by convention used the "Livermore Interactive Network Communication System" (LINCS) protocol suite, which defined a protocol stack along the lines of that defined by the OSI reference model.
  • The proxy concept refers to a layer 7 application in the OSI reference model. Network address translation (NAT) is similar to a proxy but operates in layer 3.
  • He developed and promoted the OSI reference model which became a popular way to describe network protocols, and published a paper on the model in 1980 and one with John Day in 1983.
  • VDCP conforms to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model.
  • Planning a new network/service involves implementing the new system across the first four layers of the OSI Reference Model. Choices must be made for the protocols and transmission technologies.
  • Cell relay protocols have neither flow control nor error correction capability, are information-content independent, and correspond only to layers one and two of the OSI Reference Model.
  • It implements the connection-mode data link service in the OSI Reference Model as defined by ITU-T Recommendation X.222.
  • The HMS Media Access Control (MAC) Layer Specification describes the messaging and protocols implemented at the Data Link Layer (DLL), Layer 2 in the 7-layer ISO-OSI reference model, that support reliable and efficient communications between HMS-compliant transponders interfacing to managed outside plant (OSP) network elements (NEs) and a centralized headend element (HE).
  • Protocols are often talked about in terms of their place in the OSI reference model (pictured on the right), which emerged in 1983 as the first step in an unsuccessful attempt to build a universally adopted networking protocol suite.
  • Some engineers argue the OSI reference model is still relevant to cloud computing.
  • According to X.200 Recommendation, in the so-called OSI Reference model there are 7 layers, each one is generically called N layer. The N+1 entity ask for transmission services to the N entity.
  • In addition, most modern switches have integrated network managing capabilities and may operate on numerous layers of the OSI reference model.
  • The Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) is an internetwork architecture that allows ground/ground, air/ground, and avionic data subnetworks to interoperate by adopting common interface services and protocols based on the ISO OSI Reference Model.
  • In mobile-telephone technology, the UniPro protocol stack follows the architecture of the classical OSI Reference Model.
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