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NOUN   oogonium | oogonia
Oogon {n}
Oogonium {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Oogonium' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oogon {n}biol.

Oogonium {n}biol.
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  • The female gametophyte produces an egg in the oogonium, and the male gametophyte releases motile sperm that fertilize the egg.
  • It can be an oogonium, an oocyte, or an ootid. An oocyte, in turn, can be either primary or secondary, depending on how far it has come in its process of meiosis.
  • "Phytophthora capsici" produces both a male and a female type gametangia called an antheridium (male) and an oogonium (female).
  • Homothallic reproduction is characterized by the fusion of the asexual oogonium and antheridium.
  • The survival structure is an oospore, which is the result of the karyogamy of two haploid gametes (the oogonium and antheridium).
  • In 1999, the other members of this genus were reclassified as "Silvetia" due to differences of oogonium structure and of nucleic acid sequences of the rDNA.
  • Asymmetric division is a process of mitosis in which one oogonium divides unequally to produce one daughter cell that will eventually become an oocyte through the process of oogenesis, and one daughter cell that is an identical oogonium to the parent cell.
  • Female gametogonia, known as oogonium (plural oogonia), are found within the ovaries of the developing foetus and were thought to be depleted at or after birth.
  • Once firmly attached, sexual reproduction begins with the production of male and female gametangium, antheridia and oogonium respectively.
  • Each lateral is branched to produce four secondary branches and bears an oogonium.
  • Each lateral divides at about one-half of its length to give rise to a secondary hexaradial whorl each branchlet of which carries an oogonium.
  • Sporangia are produced on the mycelium and can produce zoospores for asexual reproduction or an oogonium and antheridium for sexual reproduction.
  • An oogonium can be likened to a female reproductive organ while an antheridium carries out the role of a male reproductive organ.
  • From one single oogonium, only one mature oocyte will rise, with 3 other cells called polar bodies.
  • It has a spherical oogonium up to 25 µm in diameter, with an oospore that almost fills the oogonium.
  • was created as a separate species from "Pelvetia canaliculata" due to differences of oogonium structure and of nucleic acid sequences of the rDNA.
  • The antheridia (or globules) and oogonia (or nucules) are protected by a layer of sterile cells when mature; the oogonium is oblong in shape and consists of a single egg, while the spherical antheridium is packed with threadlike cells that produce spermatia.
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