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Oshun [also: Oxum, Ochun]
Oshun {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Oshun' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oshun [also: Oxum, Ochun]
Oshun {f}relig.
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  • In 2011, Afolabi was involved in a charity called "The Rabiu Afolabi Educational Foundation" by setting up a foundation, which he started out with a donation of 50,000 customised books worth about $20,000 to selected public primary and secondary schools in his home state of Oshun State.
  • APC candidate Oshun Moshood won the election.
  • Folakunle Oshun (born 1984 in Ibadan) is a Nigerian contemporary visual artist, sculptor and curator.
  • "Phractura ansorgii," commonly known as the African whiptailed catfish, is a species of catfish in the genus "Phractura". They live in the Niger and Oshun rivers in Africa. These fish eat algae.
  • The figure was created by the craftsman Julião das Máscaras, whom inspired at Monalisa. It has long dark hair, a gold tooth smile, and wears yellow and blue in a reference to Yemọja e Oshun.
  • Her daughter Oshun married her middle school sweetheart Aaron in 2014.
  • In January 1972, Fernandez traveled to Oshogbo, Nigeria, West Africa, where she was inspired by the Oshun Festival of the Yoruba people.
  • Many people from Ilara still practice the traditional Yoruba religion, and thus have the Ògún festival in September, and also have a festival devoted to Oshun in July.
  • Oshun - Oshun, named after the Orisha of rivers and streams, has the ability to control and manipulate any liquid, including the liquids inside a person.
  • As a philanthropist, he has contributed to over 40 community projects amongst which are the construction of Mini-Bridge in Meiran, Isei-Oshun in 2011 and he has sponsored over 20 students on full scholarship to different tertiary institutions.
  • Miller subsequently published eight books (all of which were based in Harlem) through major publishing houses, but she also maintained her own publishing company – Oshun Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Wenger's life and work at Osun Grove is the subject of "The Oshun Diaries", a memoir by Diane Esguerra (Eye Books, 2019).
  • Abeokuta is the headquarters of the federal Ogun-Oshun River Basin Authority, which is responsible for development of land and water resources for Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states.
  • Cowen co-authored, with Lee van Loggerenberg, "The Irreverent Mother's Handbook" (Cape Town: Oshun Books, 2009, [...]).
  • According to legend, Ọshun tricked Ọba into cutting off her ear and adding it to Shango's food, saying it would please him.
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