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pulse wave analysis <PWA>
Pulswellenanalyse {f} <PWA>
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pulse wave analysis <PWA>
Pulswellenanalyse {f} <PWA>MedTech.
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  • Many of these books take place in the fictional country eventually ruled by Manuel, known as "Poictesme", (pronounced "pwa-tem").
  • The World Cup Wavesailing competitions crown the professional world champions each year. PWA Wave World Champion 2013, PWA Freestyle World Champion 2008.
  • A typical dish would probably be a plate of "riz collé aux pois" (diri kole ak pwa), which is rice with red kidney beans (pinto beans are often used as well) glazed with a marinade as a sauce and topped off with red snapper, tomatoes and onions.
  • This concern led him to found the PWA Health Group with Michael Callen and Thomas Hannan in 1986.
  • After the conference, Campbell flew to New York with Callen, Berkowitz and Artie Felson, organizing and planning for local and national PWA organizations on the plane.
  • PWA-New York is noted for designing the first safer sex poster to appear in New York bathhouses.
  • The assignment of tasks can be distributed to team member home pages in PWA.
  • The Administration created the PWA in an attempt to help the U.S.'s economy recover after the Great Depression.
  • On May 4, 2000, the United States Department of Justice released a press report stating that conspiracy and copyright infringement charges had been brought against several members of PWA under the NET Act (No Electronic Theft Act).
  • Warez groups Such as PWA and DOD released several PPEs which were used by many sysops, including the PWA "NewScan" PPE, the PWA "Files-Reverse" PPE and the DOD "LARS Upload Processor".
  • Whether by squeezing more money from the PWA or by reallocating the August 1937 grant, funding was secured for the auditorium.
  • Another feature of Enonic XP is the possibility for developers to create progressive web apps (PWA).
  • The PWA Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling tag team championship in Pro Wrestling America (PWA). It remained active until 1996 when PWA began running occasional events.
  • She competed in the PWA World Tour windsurfing competition.
  • Slocum wrestled as 'Cyrus' for the Pro Wrestling Alliance (PWA) in Texas, where he was managed by Lady Poison.
  • The other particles which occur regularly are "pwa", "ya" and "sira".
  • The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) (...) is a Thai state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior.
  • The front wing is larger and provides upwards lift while the rear wing provides stability with downward lift.
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