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SYNO pressurized water reactor | PWR
pressurised water reactor <PWR> [Br.]
Druckwasserreaktor {m} <DWR>
pressurized water reactor <PWR>
Druckwasserreaktor {m} <DWR>
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  • According to the verdict of Oslo District Court, Henrik Ellefsen played a central role in the T5PC system, as chairman of PWR Charge AS and CEO of Exente Securities ASA.
  • The third floor of Sweet Hall houses the Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR). The Oral Communication Program is also on this level. Offices for PWR and OCP lecturers are located on this level.
  • Spent fuel from a PWR usually has a higher content of fissile material than natural uranium.
  • Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) is an independent promotion based in the Philippines.
  • By contrast, in a PWR, the steam generator separates the activated primary coolant water from the secondary coolant which passes through the steam turbine.
  • Owing to these peculiarities, some non-governmental sources label Shippingport a "demonstration PWR reactor" and consider that the "first fully commercial PWR" in the US was Yankee Rowe.
  • The PairWise Rankings (PWR) are a statistical tool designed to approximate the process by which the NCAA selection committee decides which teams get at-large bids to the 16-team NCAA tournament.
  • De Leon won the inaugural Path of Gold Tournament at PWR: Terminus for the right to face then PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi, who was defeated by "Classical" Bryan Leo.
  • On May 14, 2010, Reynolds defeated Bill Collier to become the PWR Heavyweight Championship Four months later on September 11, Reynolds defeated John McChesney to win the PWR Lake Erie Championship along with unifying it with the PWR Heavyweight Championship.
  • PWR also originally planned in 2020 a sequel to the PWR Special: Homecoming event.
  • The ERS 3500 Series consists or four gigabit Ethernet models the 3510GT, 3510GT-PWR+, 3524GT, and 3524GT-PWR+ along with 2 fast Ethernet models 35265T, and 3526T-PWR+.
  • Freq band: 9230 to 9404 mc. Pwr output and range: 250KW, 60/120 mi.
  • The Peleset (Egyptian: "pwrꜣsꜣtj") or Pulasati were one of the several ethnic groups the Sea Peoples were said to be composed of, appearing in fragmentary historical and iconographic records in ancient Egyptian from the Eastern Mediterranean in the late 2nd millennium BC.
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