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Pythian Games
Pythische Spiele {pl}
Pythian Games / games
Pythien {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Pythian' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Pythian Games
Pythische Spiele {pl}hist.

Pythian Games / games
Pythien {pl}hist.sports
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  • The township contains these three cemeteries: Mount Lebanon, Pythian and Sulphur Creek.
  • A modern attempt to revive an ancient Greek festival Pythian Games.
  • Crowfoot witnessed survivals of the ancient Hero Cult and the pythian oracle.
  • Pindar's "First Pythian Ode" is an ancient Greek epinicion praising Hiero of Syracuse for a victory in the Pythian Games.
  • George's ERG Enterprises also invested in an $18 million renovation project of the Pythian building in New Orleans.
  • In 2019, Pythian Services was acquired by NYC based private equity firm Mill Point Capital.
  • In 2019, Vallée led the evolution of a new company, Tehama, from Pythian, based on cybersecurity and compliance technologies developed and employed at the latter company.
  • Strabo reports that Timosthenes wrote a "Pythian mood" (nomos) for a musical contest at the Pythian games at Delphi.
  • He designed the Mosaic State Temple Building and the Pythian Theater Building, both in Little Rock in 1922.
  • Many of these are named, primarily or as an alternative, "Pythian Castles", and are built to resemble medieval castles, consistent with the theme of the Pythian order.
  • The school is housed in the Pythian Temple downtown.
  • He was honored by Pindar as exiled winner in the chariot race of Pythian Games 486 BC.
  • After signing with Coral, the Rock and Roll Trio were placed with A & R director Bob Thiele, who took them to the Pythian Temple in New York City for their first recording session.
  • At first the person who instituted the games and defrayed the expenses was the "agonothetes"; but in the great public games, such as the Olympic Games and Pythian Games, these presidents were the representatives of different states, or were chosen from the people in whose country the games were celebrated; thus at the Pythian Games at Athens ten " [...] " were elected for four years to superintend the various contests.
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