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Pythian Games
Pythische Spiele {pl}
Pythian Games / games
Pythien {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Pythian Games' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Pythian Games
Pythische Spiele {pl}hist.

Pythian Games / games
Pythien {pl}hist.sports
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  • In 449–448 BC, the Second Sacred War (fought in the wider context of the First Peloponnesian War between the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta and the Delian-Attic League led by Athens) resulted in the Phocians gaining control of Delphi and the management of the Pythian Games.
  • Epitherses was a native who won two boxing prizes at Olympic Games, two at Pythian Games and also victories at Nemean Games and the Isthmian Games.
  • The politics are conjectural, but the myth reports that Zeus ordered Apollo to purify himself for the sacrilege and instituted the Pythian Games, over which Apollo was to preside, as penance for his act.
  • At Troezene he had founded a temple of Apollo Epibaterius and instituted the Pythian games there.
  • He also attended many of the Pythian Games.
  • The Hyperboreans always sang and danced in his honor and hosted Pythian games.
  • I was crowned with the olive wreath at both Olympia and Delphi (in the Pythian Games) for winning chariot racing contests.
  • In addition, Archelaus competed and won in Tethrippon in both Olympic and Pythian Games.
  • He was honored by Pindar as exiled winner in the chariot race of Pythian Games 486 BC.
  • In historic times, an amphictyony might survive as a form of religious organization enjoined to support specific temples or sacred places; traditional amphictyonies coordinated Olympic and Pythian Games.
  • The Pythian Games ([...];) were one of the four Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece.
  • At first the person who instituted the games and defrayed the expenses was the "agonothetes"; but in the great public games, such as the Olympic Games and Pythian Games, these presidents were the representatives of different states, or were chosen from the people in whose country the games were celebrated; thus at the Pythian Games at Athens ten " [...] " were elected for four years to superintend the various contests.
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