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Q code [standardized three-letter message encoding]
Q-Gruppe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Q code' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Q code [standardized three-letter message encoding]
Q-Gruppe {f}aviat.naut.telecom.
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  • QFF is an aeronautical code Q code. It is the MSL pressure derived from local meteorological station conditions in accordance with meteorological practice.
  • "QSL" is part of the amateur radio Q code, meaning "I acknowledge receipt".
  • The Q-code is a standardised collection of three-letter codes that each start with the letter "Q".
  • The ERCC compilers generated Q-Code. By 1987, maintenance of the PERQ compiler suite had been taken over by a commercial spin-off group of ex-ERCC employees, Edinburgh Portable Compilers Ltd (EPCL).
  • "QSK" is one of the Q-code signals established for radiotelegraph operators in the first decade of the 1900s.
  • In addition, RRI meets the strict requirements of the IAEA 50-C-Q Code on Quality Assurance for Safety in Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Codes beginning with I (Ixx and Ixxx) are often used for navigational aids such as radio beacons, while Q is reserved for international radiocommunications and non-geographical special uses (see Q code).
  • and all aircraft were operating under so-called "QBI" (a Q code denoting that all operations have to be performed under instrument flight rules) conditions.
  • QNE is an aeronautical code Q code. The term refers to the indicated altitude at the landing runway threshold when [...] or [...] is set in the altimeter's Kollsman window.
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