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Q document
Logienquelle {f} Q
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Übersetzung für 'Q document' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Q document
Logienquelle {f} Qrelig.
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  • He has researched and written most substantially about the Q document, also known as the Sayings Gospel Q.
  • Mack described Jesus as a Galilean Cynic, based on the elements of the Q document that he considers to be earliest.
  • The band was originally called "Q: The Source" (named after the Q document), but they eventually renamed it as "Godspeed" for the release of their self-titled EP.
  • Butler argued that accepting the priority of Matthew rendered it possible to dispense with the hypothetical Q document altogether, a position he supported by arguments concerning the inadmissibility of appealing to Q as a sound explanation of the cases where Matthew appears to be more original than Mark.
  • Since the elements that are in Matthew and Luke but not in Mark are mostly pairs of quotations rather than detailed narration, many scholars believe these extra details originate in the theoretical Q Document.
  • The story is unique to Luke and is not thought to come from the hypothetical Q document.
  • Vassiliadis studied at the University of Athens, where he submitted his doctoral dissertation entitled "On the Hypothesis of the Q-Document.
  • Betz himself acknowledges that the Two-Source Hypothesis best explains the parallel use of sayings in both Matthew and Luke which suggests that a Q document existed at one time.
  • A change in either the accepted "Q" document or another version of Thomas may prove to contain either more or less parallels.
  • This meant he argued against both Markan priority and the necessity of the Q document proposed in the more accepted and common two-source hypothesis.
  • Some scholars have argued that the Q document, a hypothetical common source for the gospels of Matthew and Luke, has strong similarities to the teachings of the Cynics.
  • The Q source (also called Q document(s), Q Gospel, or Q; from [...] , meaning "source") is a hypothetical written collection of primarily Jesus' sayings (λόγια : [...]).
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