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Quality by Design <QbD>
Quality by Design {n} <QbD>
quality-by-design concept <QbD concept>
QbD-Konzept {n}
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Übersetzung für 'QbD' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Quality by Design <QbD>
Quality by Design {n} <QbD>automot.ind.QM

quality-by-design concept <QbD concept>
QbD-Konzept {n}ind.pharm.QM
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  • An exception to this appears to be bigamy (see "R v Tolson" (1889) 23 QBD 168).
  • QBD is the term applied to the charge-to-breakdown measurement of a semiconductor device.
  • She has been married since 2002 to Nicholas Lavender KC who was appointed a High Court Judge (QBD), and knighted, in 2016. They have two sons and a daughter.
  • based Qbd Ink theater group, as well as founding director of the Asian and Pacific Islander Collection at the Library of Congress.
  • In "Tarry v Ashton" (1876) 1 QBD 314, an important case in English tort law.
  • See Todd v Robinson (1884) 14 QBD 739, (1884) 54 LJQB 47, CA.
  • "British India Steam Navigation Co v Inland Revenue Commissioners" (1881) 7 QBD 165 is a case relevant for UK commercial law and UK insolvency law case, concerning the definition of a debenture.
  • QBD has since grown into one of the largest bookstore chains in Australia, with approximately 68 stores operating across the country.
  • The quality by design initiative (QbD) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires a process to be controllable and predictable.
  • The QbD initiative, which originated from the Office of Biotechnology Products (OBP), attempts to provide guidance on pharmaceutical development to facilitate design of products and processes that maximizes the product's efficacy and safety profile while enhancing product manufacturability.
  • "Attorney General v Edison Telephone Co of London Ltd" (1880–81) LR 6 QBD 244 is an interesting English law case on the application of the old Telegraph Act 1869.
  • He went on to stress that "trust, not distrust, is also the basis of a bank's dealings with its customers", citing with approval similar comments from Bowen LJ in "Sanders Bros v Maclean & Co" (1883) 11 QBD 327 at 343.
  • "Stevenson, Jaques, & Co v McLean" [...] 5 QBD 346 is an English contract law case concerning the rules on communication of acceptance by telegraph. Its approach contrasts to the postal rule.
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