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quadrupel [former Spanish coin]
Quadrupel {m} [frühere spanische Goldmünze]
quadrupel mount [anti-aircraft weapons]
Vierlings­lafette {f} [Flugabwehrwaffen]
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  • Several dubbel, tripel, and quadrupel Abbey beers are produced under the Ovila label.
  • In other countries, particularly the United States, "quadrupel" or "quad" has become a generic trademark. The term may refer to an especially strong style of dark ale with a spicy, ripe fruit flavor.
  • The first product, a Dubbel, was released in March 2011, followed in July by a Saison and in November by a Quadrupel.
  • The style of Westmalle's "Tripel" and the name was widely copied by the breweries of Belgium, and in 1987 another Trappist brewery, the Koningshoeven in the Netherlands, expanded their range with a beer called "La Trappe Tripel", though they also produced a stronger beer they termed "La Trappe Quadrupel".
  • 2. Zundert 10 (Abbey quadrupel, 10% ABV).
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