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Rschew {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Rzhev' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Rschew {n}geogr.
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  • The railroad which connects Moscow and Riga via Rzhev, runs through Zubtsov.
  • It was shifted to the Rzhev salient, under the 9th Army of Army Group Centre, where it was involved in Battle of Rzhev in the summer of 1942.
  • The M9 highway connecting Moscow with Riga also passes Rzhev.
  • At the time of the Soviet Rzhev-Vyazma strategic offensive operation (8 January – 20 April 1942), Operation Mars, the division now led by Lieutenant General Alfons Hitter was again serving in XXIII Corps under the Ninth Army in the Molodoi Tud sector of the Rzhev salient.
  • The Volga is the longest river in Europe, and in both the central sector of the Eastern Front at Rzhev and at the southern sector at Stalingrad, German and Soviet armies struggled for mastery of its banks.
  • The railway which connects Moscow and Riga via Rzhev, crosses the district from east to west.
  • In March 1943 troops of the army participated in the Rzhev–Vyazma Offensive Operation (2–31 March), subsequently liberating Rzhev and on 1 April reached the line Nefedovschina-Pantiukchy where it stopped to dig into defensive positions.
  • The 369th returned to the front in August, now in 30th Army of Kalinin Front, where it took part in the latter stages of the First Rzhev–Sychyovka Offensive Operation to the north and east of Rzhev itself: [...] While this offensive did gain some ground east of the city, Rzhev never fell, and the August fighting cost 30th Army more than 80,000 casualties.
  • Alexey Yakovlevich Voloskov (Russian: Алексей Яковлевич Волосков; 13 March 1822, Rzhev - 19 September 1882, Rzhev) was a Russian painter; primarily of landscapes.
  • From 1978 to 1983 she worked as a correspondent, and in 1983–93 as head of the agricultural department of the "Rzhevskaya Pravda" newspaper.
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