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subarachnoid bleeding <SAB>
Subarachnoidalblutung {f} <SAH>
scientific advisory board <SAB>
wissenschaftlicher Beirat {m}
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  • The cuneiform character for "army"-"sab" is used 19 times in the Epic of Gilgamesh tablets-(chapters).
  • The MPA of this region is Mohammad Ali and MNA is Usman Tarqae. Jalbai's famous mosque is Bhai musjid and the famous person in Jalbai is Mujeeb ur Rehman known as (Nazim sab).
  • These professions have traditionally been considered dirty, and the Madhiban have been a part of the "sab" or lower castes as opposed to the "aji" or upper castes.
  • The Gabboye occupational clans, which include the numerically few Madhiban, Yibir and Tumaal (collectively referred to as "sab") and the Wardei clan, have over the years obtained little political representation within Somalia.
  • As Gabboye, the Madhiban along with the Yibir and Tumaal (collectively referred to as "sab") have since obtained political representation within Somalia, and their general social status has improved with the expansion of urban centers.
  • SAB files cannot be viewed with a simple text editor and are meant for compactness and not for human readability.
  • He is from the business family namely called as "Haroon sab" family.
  • Ali also made an appearance in the music video album "Yaro sab dua karo" and subsequently came out with his own album "Shayad".
  • ... , "The Ecstasy of Destruction" or "Destructive Euphoria"), also known after its first line as "Tora sab jayadbhani kar" is a popular revolutionary Bengali song set to Dadra Tala, whose lyrics and tune were written by national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in 1921.
  • It was situated in the sab-division of the province known as Und Sarvaiya.
  • Rhymesayers Entertainment was co-founded in 1995 by Sean Daley (Slug), Anthony Davis (Ant), Musab Saad (Sab the Artist) and Brent Sayers (Siddiq).
  • Punta Sabbioni (Pronounced pun-ta sab-bee-ohnee) is a port for daily boats to Venice.
  • The duo stayed under the patronage of the Raja for a few months, and some believe that their Basant Bahar composition "Des des ki thi jung dushman sab har gaye" praises the Raja.
  • He was also knows as "Sarpanch sab".
  • Moulvi Firasat Hussain Habibi sab, Khudam Association of Sarkar Hazrat Khaja Syed Moinduddin Chishti Gharib Nawaz ra, Ajmer Rajastan, India, Alhamdullilah he is actively involved in the work of Silsila Habibia helping the ziarain of Astaana Alia Gharib Nawaz ra.
  • Attar Kareem Sab Continued to live imperial and aristocratic as their ancestors and followed their family traditional business.
  • Fisher noted that the magazine contained an article by Abu Mu'sab al-Suri, noting that al-Suri had been imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay since 2005, and that whether he was actually tied to al-Qaeda remained unclear.
  • Sèvres took the name of the river which ran through it. Sèvres includes radical "sav-", "sab-", in the sense of "hollow" or radical "sam-" "quiet". These radicals are often used in hydronymy.
  • Superlatives are made through comparisons with "sab" ("all") with the instrumental postposition "se" as the suffix. Comparisons using "least" are rare; it is more common to use an antonym.
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