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sternocleidomastoid <SCM>
Sternocleidomastoideus {m} <SCM>
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SCM process
SCM-Prozess {m}
sternocleidomastoid muscle <SCM> [Musculus sternocleidomastoideus]
Kopfnicker {m}
sternocleidomastoid muscle <SCM> [Musculus sternocleidomastoideus]
Kopfwendemuskel {m}
sternocleidomastoid muscle <SCM> [Musculus sternocleidomastoideus]
Musculus sternocleidomastoideus {m}
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software configuration management <SCM>
Softwarekonfigurationsmanagement {n} <SKM>
supply chain management <SCM>
Lieferantenmanagement {n}
supply chain management <SCM>
Wertschöpfungs­lehre {f}
supply chain management <SCM>
Lieferkettenmanagement {n} <LKM>
supply chain management <SCM>
Supply Chain Management {n} <SCM>
supply chain management <SCM>
Lieferantenkettenmanagement {n} [Supply Chain Management]
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  • Pilczuk also set the American Record in the 50m freestyle (scm) in 1999 on the lead off of a relay.
  • The expression may come from "SCM Corp. v. Xerox Corp.," 645 F.2d 1195 (2d Cir. ...
  • In 2017, Order Management, part of the Oracle Cloud SCM, was integrated with the CPQ Cloud, giving companies the ability to use the SCM Configurator within CPQ.
  • SCM has a number of "link churches" that support the aims of SCM with the aim of administering to students and young people.
  • “Evangelization and Spirituality,” in Philip Sheldrake, ed., The New SCM Press Dictionary of Spirituality. London: SCM Press (2005).
  • During dissection, the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) is the landmark. The transverse cervical nerves will pass horizontally directly over the SCM from Erb's point.
  • In 1962, Smith Corona changed its corporate name to SCM Corporation and adopted the tribar SCM logo.
  • The standard cubic meter of gas (scm) is used in the context of the SI system.
  • In January 1986, Hanson bought SCM, an American chemicals to typewriters business.
  • In a SCM sitting in September 2009, the President Traian Băsescu heavily criticized the activity of SCM members, complaining that the approach to the concept of „independence” was wrong and urging them to take measures to put an end to the protests of magistrates.
  • In 2016, Aleksić became the technical director for SCM U Craiova of the Romanian League. In January 2017, he parted ways with SCM U Craiova.
  • SCM U Craiova and CSU Galați were relegated to Divizia A2. Unic Piatra Neamț and SCM Ptești withdrew from Divizia A1.
  • Cristin Jalbă (born 2 September 1997) is a Moldovan football defender who plays for SCM Zalău.
  • Sierra Gorda SCM is the project company operating the mine. KGHM International Ltd (55%) and South32 (45%) are the owners of Sierra Gorda SCM.
  • The controlling shareholder of Renaissance Capital is SCM Finance which is 100% owned by SCM Group. 100% of SCM shares belong to Rinat Akhmetov, well-known Ukrainian businessman and patron.
  • 97 kg per scm), but generally less than 0.64 (18.5 g/mole, 0.78 kg per scm).
  • Plastic SCM is available to download from the plasticscm.com website.
  • In 1967 the Allied Paper Corporation was purchased by the Smith Corona Marchant (SCM) Corporation for $33 million and became the paper-making division of that entity.
  • As adults, Dab1(scm) mutants showed motor coordination impairments on stationary beam, coat-hanger, and rotorod tests but were more active in the open-field.
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