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NOUN   scolex | scolices
Skolex {m}
Scolex {m}
Bandwurmkopf {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Scolex' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Skolex {m}zool.

Scolex {m}zool.

Bandwurmkopf {m}zool.
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  • The strobilating section is called strobila, or scolex, and each of its segment is a proglottid.
  • latum tapeworms feature an anterior end (scolex) equipped with attachment grooves on the dorsal and ventral surfaces.
  • The tapeworm has a marginal, distinct apical scolex rather than a submarginal, diffuse apical sucker on each bothridium.
  • Their scolex, or head region, has 2 to 4 bothria, or sucking grooves that cling onto the host. They have four retractable tentacles.
  • Adult "Spirometra" are typically large worms with long bodies consisting of three distinguishable body sections: the scolex, the neck, and the strobilia.
  • Tetraphyllideans are remarkable for their scolex morphologies, which are the most varied and morphologically complex amongst all tapeworm orders.
  • "Echinococcus" adult worms develop from protoscolices and are typically 6 mm or less in length and have a scolex, neck and typically three proglottids, one of which is immature, another of which is mature and the third of which is gravid (or containing eggs).
  • Its body is covered by tegument and the worm is divided into a scolex, a short neck, and three to six proglottids.
  • 5 cm in length and an invaginated scolex. The intermediate form has a scolex.
  • A cysticercoid is the larval stage of certain tapeworms, similar in appearance to a cysticercus, but having the scolex filling completely the enclosing cyst.
  • It then penetrates the intestinal wall into the hemocoel where it becomes a cysticercoid, or larva with a scolex.
  • The body size is small, scolex is disproportionately large and uniquely shaped, rostellum is wide, and it employs beetles as intermediate host to complete its life cycle.
  • Members of the smaller group known as Cestodaria have no scolex, do not produce proglottids, and have body shapes similar to those of diageneans. Cestodarians parasitize fish and turtles.
  • The order is distinguished in that the scolex consists of two parts.
  • Bothria (from Greek "bothrion" = small pit, diminutive of "bothros" = pit, trench) are elongate, dorsal or ventral longitudinal grooves on the scolex of cestoda.
  • In the larval stage the scolex is similarly shaped and is known as the protoscoleces.
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