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NOUN   a skinhead | skinheads
Glatze {f} [ugs.]
skinheadKahlkopf {m}
skinheadSkinhead {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Skinhead' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Glatze {f} [ugs.]pol.

Kahlkopf {m}

Skinhead {m}
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  • Since then Hooligan firms in Poland have organised themselves and are often influenced by the skinhead subculture.
  • McCourt became a skinhead in early 1977, in reaction to the way that punk had become commercialised, and seeking a sharper clothing style.
  • The band encountered many controversies after the release of this album, partly because the cover, which looked like an iron cross, could have political connotations — particularly since the band and many of their fans had a skinhead appearance.
  • The lines "All the punk rockers"/"And the moonstompers" references the Symarip track Skinhead Moonstomp, and alludes obliquely to the band's extensive skinhead fanbase.
  • A punk hairdresser (Bruce LaBruce), known only as “The Hairdresser”, becomes obsessed with a mute neo-Nazi skinhead (Klaus von Brücker).
  • In the context of the skinhead subculture, a redskin is a Marxist skinhead, who often also subscribe to anarchist views.
  • "Skinhead Attitude" is a 2003 documentary about the skinhead subculture, made by Daniel Schweizer (who also directed the films "White Terror" and "Skin or Die").
  • Eckhard Gerdes compared the song to the skinhead fiction of experimental writer Harold Jaffe.
  • A gay skinhead, also known as a gayskin or queerskin, is a gay person who identifies with the skinhead subculture. Some gay skinheads have a sexual fetish for skinhead clothing styles.
  • Koma is an Oi! skinhead (also known as a punk-skinhead).
  • The skinhead subculture from the late 1960s continued into the 1970s, and some skinheads became influenced by the punk subculture.
  • The skinhead culture gained momentum during the late 1980s and peaked during the late 1990s.
  • Bryon Widner is an American former white power skinhead.
  • Becoming increasingly isolated, Remy is treated to a drink by white supremacist and neo-Nazi skinhead Scott Moss, eventually befriending Scott's skinhead friends Erik, James, and hulking weight-lifter Knocko.
  • "Erasing Hate" is a 2011 American TV documentary chronicling the efforts of reformed white power skinhead Bryon Widner to remove his numerous racist facial tattoos.
  • As discussed above, New Zealand skinhead gangs lack the organisational structure of American skinhead groups.
  • An N Gauge model of the Class 31 is currently produced by Graham Farish (in both "skinhead" and headcode box versions) with re-tooling for an updated model taking place in 2012; Lima also produced an N scale model ("skinhead" only).
  • Narrow, clip-on style suspenders are also a typical part of skinhead, and to a lesser extent, punk fashion. In skinhead and punk fashion, suspenders are typically between [...] in width.
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