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NOUN   a souvenir | souvenirs
souvenirsAndenken {pl}
souvenirsSouvenirs {pl}
souvenirsReiseandenken {pl}
devotional souvenirs
Devotionalien {pl}
among the most popular souvenirs {adv}
unter den beliebtesten Andenken
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  • There are numerous souvenirs and folk art items depicting the Lajkonik.
  • In April 2009, the town council banned the sale of fascist souvenirs.
  • The owner intended to sell bricks as souvenirs.
  • The Great Exhibition of 1851 encouraged the production of souvenirs.
  • Ornamental souvenirs representing items found in the United Kingdom such as post office boxes, black cabs and London buses are commonly found in souvenir shops over the United Kingdom.
  • The museum shop offers a few books and souvenirs.
  • Visitors center offers café, souvenirs shop, lockers and parking lot.
  • During the Meiji period the Minatogawa Shrine, in Chūō-ku, Kobe, began to issue souvenirs that resemble cash coins.
  • He has written souvenirs in relation to the Bourbon Restoration.
  • Hong Kong House of Stories sells handmade souvenirs and helps visitors create their own souvenirs.
  • Koloocheh and Masghati are souvenirs of Shiraz.
  • For souvenirs, among the men and boys!
  • A "Nashville Star"-themed gifts and souvenirs shop featuring local items and city souvenirs opened in July 2008 at Nashville International Airport, one month before the show's final episode, and closed after over a decade.
  • Of course this only pohulpohul souvenirs companion of mere souvenirs principal, in the form of food 'weight' of goldfish.
  • The song was first released in 1975 by Demis Roussos, titled "From souvenirs to souvenirs" and had international success.
  • "Études et souvenirs. Poésies." Paris, Rouanet, 1840.
  • Also available from the sailing vessel Mimi were souvenirs such as T-shirts and buttons that said "I was on board the Mimi."
  • Zeitoun started as a producer in 1979 with " [...] ". Later, he wrote the script for and directed "Souvenirs, souvenirs".
  • Similar to souvenirs, memorabilia (Latin for "memorable (things)", plural of "memorābile") are objects treasured for their memories or historical interest; however, unlike souvenirs, memorabilia can be valued for a connection to an event or a particular professional field, company or brand.
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