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NOUN   tepidarium | tepidariums / tepidaria
Tepidarium {n} [Warmluftraum]
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Übersetzung für 'Tepidarium' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Tepidarium {n} [Warmluftraum]archaeo.
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  • The porticos around the piazza, built in 1887–98 by Gaetano Koch, were in memory of the ancient buildings on the same sites, while the basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri on the piazza is based on a wing of the baths (with its architect Michelangelo, using the tepidarium as one of the wings of its spacious Greek cross plan).
  • There is a restaurant at the main entrance, the snack bar at the exterior bath and a bar at the tepidarium. The restaurant is for all visitors.
  • The apodyterium was also connected via a slype—a small narrow passageway—to the warm room or tepidarium.
  • The water park includes water slides, an olympic-sized swimming pool, and a wave pool, while the spa features graded thermal pools, including a tepidarium and jacuzzi-type hot baths.
  • The bathing complex is arranged around a central rectangular hall and included a frigidarium with an antechamber, a tepidarium, and a caldarium.
  • This led to various types of heated rooms including the caldarium, tepidarium, laconicum or sudatorium, and the frigidarium.
  • The tepidarium was the warm ("tepidus") bathroom of the Roman baths heated by a hypocaust or underfloor heating system.
  • The White Bull (also known as the White Bull Inn) is a public house and inn on Church Street (formerly one of the Roman Watling Streets) specifically the tepidarium of the Roman baths.
  • It was followed by the frigidarium, the tepidarium and caldarium.
  • Six rooms have been excavated, including a tepidarium (room 4) and a caldarium (rooms 5-6). These rooms have the traditional Roman hypocaust heating system.
  • These represent the full repertoire seen in other Roman baths, including the tepidarium, frigidarium and caldarium.
  • Behind the palaestra the "apodyterium" (dressing room) and the three bath chambers, "caldarium" (hot bath), "tepidarium" (warm bath) and the "frigidarium" (cold bath), are laid out in a typical design.
  • The baths comprise an apodyterium (changing room), tepidarium (warm room) and caldarium (hot room), with attached furnace, water well, "sāqiyah" or water-lifting device, and raised water tank.
  • In the palaestra of Vitruvius, for instance, the gymnasium chambers were built on the right side while the "elaeothesium", "tepidarium", and an unidentified chamber on the left.
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