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Togoland [now Togo]
Togoland {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Togoland' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Togoland [now Togo]
Togoland {n}geogr.hist.
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  • The party campaigned to have the British Togoland join Gold Coast at independence to form Ghana while the Togoland Congress preferred the UN Trust Territory to be rejoined with French Togoland.
  • Prior to the July 1956 general elections in the Gold Coast, a plebiscite was conducted under United Nations (UN) auspices to decide the future disposition of British Togoland and French Togoland.
  • Hans-Georg Wilhelm von Doering (7 April 1866 – 19 November 1921) was a German officer and the last colonial governor of German Togoland before surrendering the position during the Togoland campaign of the African theatre of World War I.
  • Togoland became a German colony in 1885. Have, and all the surrounding villages lying in the valley between Weto and river Dayi and beyond to the Volta, were part of this colony.
  • During World War I, the Allies conquered German Schutzgebiet Togoland and divided the country into British Togoland ("Western Togoland") and French Togoland ("Eastern Togoland").
  • In 1956, the British conducted a plebiscite in their Togoland mandate which resulted in the unification of it to the Gold Coast Colony.
  • Elections to the French National Assembly were held in French Togoland on 10 November 1946 as part of the wider French elections.
  • A plebiscite was held in British Togoland on 9 May 1956 to decide the status of the territory.
  • In 1922 The League of Nations confirmed the division of the territory into two Mandate territories of British Togoland and French Togoland.
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