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Toubou people
Tubu {pl}
Toubou people
Toubou {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Toubou' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Toubou people
Tubu {pl}ethn.

Toubou {pl}ethn.
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  • At the beginning of January, MNJ rebels claimed they had been joined by ethnic Toubou rebel leaders and several Hausa army officers.
  • ... , "FARS") is a Toubou militant group in Niger, presumably of separatist intentions, who kidnapped two Italian tourists in August 2006.
  • The "derde" (derda, derdai, dardai) of Toubou residence at Zouar Tibesti is the title held by the highest religious and political authority for all Toubou Fron south Libya, north Chad, and northeast of Niger.
  • In exile Kichidemi became, with the support of Toubou students at the Islamic University of Bayda, a symbol of opposition to the Tombalbaye Regime.
  • The principal ethnolinguistic groups are Baggara Arabs (4.97%), Dazaga Toubou (48.25%), Fula and Kanembu (40.54%).
  • In March 2012, bloody clashes broke out between Toubou and Arab tribesmen in the southern city of Sabha, Libya.
  • The Teda language, also known as Tedaga, is a Nilo-Saharan language spoken by the Teda, a northern subgroup of the Toubou people that inhabits southern Libya, northern Chad and eastern Niger.
  • During the Libyan Civil War, Toubou tribal fighters reportedly captured Murzuk on 17 August 2011.
  • Its population is mostly Kanuri, with smaller Toubou, Tuareg, and Hausa populations, the last being a reminder of Bilma's role as a key stop in the Trans Saharan trade.
  • The Toubou came into contact with the Carthaginians, Berbers, Tuaregs, Ottomans and the Arabs, as well as the French colonists who first entered the range in 1914 and took control of the area in 1929.
  • The 2008 Kufra conflict was an armed conflict in the Kufra region of Libya, between the pro-Toubou Toubou Front for the Salvation of Libya (TFSL) faction, and the Libyan Government.
  • The elections are being boycotted by the Berber and Toubou ethnic groups, although 14 Toubou candidates registered to run in the elections.
  • Traditionally practicing nomadic pastoralism of sheep and camels in a triangular area with its apex at Ajdabiya, the Zuwayya conquered the richest oasis of the interior, Kufra, in 1840, subduing the Toubou tribes.
  • In the late 1990s Lamine was "Head of External Affairs", later overall leader, of the Toubou-based "Front Democratique Revolutionnaire" rebel movement active in the southern part of the Kaouar region.
  • The native inhabitants are members of the Toubou people; Al Tawatia and Bazama peoples have also settled there.
  • Tarso Emi Chi (tarso: "gentle mountain, high plateau"; emi: "large mountain"; [...] named by the Toubou [...]) is a volcano in Chad.
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