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ulnar tunnel syndrome <UTS>
Ulnartunnelsyndrom {n} <UTS>
ulnar tunnel syndrome <UTS>
Ulnartunnel-Syndrom {n} <UTS>
ulnar tunnel syndrome <UTS>
Radfahrerlähmung {f} [ugs.] [Ulnartunnelsyndrom]
ultimate tensile strength <UTS>
Zugfestigkeit {f} <ZF, Zf>
Ullrich-Turner / Ullrich-Turner's syndrome <UTS>
Ullrich-Turner-Syndrom {n} <UTS>
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  • This analysis suggests nature of the UTS point. The work strengthening effect is exactly balanced by the shrinking of section area at UTS point.
  • The members were entitled as the joint-High Constables of the Kingdom of Imereti, and held the key fortress of Ts'uts'khvat'i near Kutaisi in western Georgia.
  • isolated a recessive TUBB2B mutation in one of the families diagnosed with UTS.
  • The "Twig Tape" is now encouraged and perpetuated by UTS' current Music Director, Judy Kay, and all proceeds from its sales are donated to the UTS music department.
  • A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, he served as founder and Director of the UTS Centre for Corporate Governance Research Centre (2003-2016), and recently serves as core member of the UTS Centre for Business and Social Innovation (CBSI).
  • Haunse also helped found Nuxalk Radio, a radio station based out of the Nuxalk village of Q'umk'uts' (Bella Coola).
  • Nuxalk Radio (call sign CKNN-FM) is a non-commercial community radio station broadcasting from the Nuxalk village of Q'umk'uts' in Bella Coola, British Columbia.
  • He was awarded another honorary doctorate by UTS in 2014, shortly after completion of the UTS building bearing his name.
  • The Unified Thread Standard (UTS) defines a standard thread form and series—along with allowances, tolerances, and designations—for screw threads commonly used in the United States and Canada.
  • She is a former chairperson of the UTS Biosafety Committee, and co-convenor of the UTS Biomedical Seminar Series.
  • This airport is assigned a three-letter location identifier of UTS by the Federal Aviation Administration, but the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code is HTV (the IATA assigned UTS to Ust-Tsilma Airport in Russia).
  • It is endemic to China and uts type locality is near Agang Town, Luoping County, Yunnan and the specific name refers to the Nanpanjiang River.
  • In December 2015, Livingstone was announced as the successor to Professor Vicki Sara as the Chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
  • The first written mention of Ořechov is from 1355. From 1420 until the establishment of an independent municipality in 1850, Ořechov was part of the Telč estate and shared uts owners.
  • University Transit Service (UTS) is a fare-free transit system providing service to the University of Virginia's students, faculty, and staff.
  • Gunther Kress was awarded honorary doctorates from UTS (1992), Uppsala University, Sweden (2015), and UEA (2020). He was also Professor Emeritus at UTS (1995).
  • Ephrem’s original work "Tale on the Reason for the Conversion of the Georgians" (უწყებაჲ მიზეზსა ქართველთა მოქცევისასა; "uts’qebay mizezsa k’art’velt’a mok’tsevisasa") is yet another manifesto in defense of autocephaly of the Georgian Orthodox Church which was subject of a dispute between the Georgian and Antiochian churchmen in the 11th century.
  • In addition to the three Union Territories (UTs) proposed by the SRC, it also established Laccadive, Minicoy & Amindivi Islands, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura as UTs.
  • Plans for a mobile network in Curaçao came to the fore when Cable & Wireless Communications acquired UTS Curaçao and other UTS business units across the Dutch Caribbean.
  • Pune railway division has the distinction of being the "first railway division to complete the installation of all UTS & UTS cum PRS locations".
  • The Uts or Vuts (Belorussian:"Уць" or "Вуць", Russian:"Уть"), is a [...] river in the Gomel Region of Belarus.
  • The restored bell tower stands sentinel outside the library.
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