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user experience <UE, UX>
Nutzererlebnis {n}
user experience <UE, UX>
Nutzererfahrung {f}
user experience <UE, UX>
Nutzungs­erlebnis {n}
user experience <UE, UX>
Benutzererlebnis {n}
user experience <UE, UX>
User-Erfahrung {f} [auch: Usererfahrung]
user experience <UE, UX>
User Experience {f} <UE>
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  • "Et uxor" is a Latin phrase meaning "and wife", commonly abbreviated "et ux."
  • Later implementations of Unix-like operating systems included the mkfs command, including HP-UX, Minix, SunOS and Linux.
  • It was notable for being supported not only on HP-UX, but also on IBM's AIX, Sun Microsystems' Solaris and Linux, which increased its attraction for enterprise customers.
  • HP retained BASIC/UX 700 (E2045C, BASIC for HP-UX 10.20) until spinning off their instrument division as Agilent Technologies.
  • It is available for Windows, AIX, Solaris, Linux, and HP-UX.
  • HP-UX offers operating system-level virtualization features such as hardware partitions, isolated OS virtual partitions on cell-based servers, and HP Integrity Virtual Machines (HPVM) on all Integrity servers.
  • Caché runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, macOS and OpenVMS platforms.
  • More generally, given a profinite word "u" and a letter "x", the profinite equality "ux" = "xu" states that the set of possible images of "u" contains only elements of the centralizer.
  • Inspur K-UX 1.0 was certified for the Linux Standard Base (LSB 4.0) in 2012. K-UX 1.0 was compiled for the IA-64 architecture (Itanium).
  • Supported Platforms are Red Hat Enterprise Linux, HP-UX and Windows Server.
  • "ux" of the vector u that describes the displacement of atoms from their equilibrium positions.
  • GNet has been ported to Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows. It may work on other flavors of Unix too.
  • AIFS is currently running on AIX, HP-UX and Linux platforms in Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • The station has been branded as ux since 2006, after the last two letters of the station's call sign. The station's current slogan is YOU&ME&UX.
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