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NOUN   a Uighur | Uighurs / Uighur
SYNO Uighur | Uigur | Uygur
Uighur {adj}uigurisch
Uigure {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Uighur' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Uighur {adj}

Uigure {m}ethn.
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  • In 1955 Yudin started his work at the Kazakhstan Pedagogical Institute in a newly opened Uighur branch, where he lectured in Uighur language the classes of ancient and classical Uighur literature, folklore and language.
  • In November 2020, Rae called on the UN to investigate evidence of genocide against the Uighur minority in China.
  • The guard was Yu Yung and the women were Uighur. It is unknown who really was behind the anti-pig slaughter edict.
  • The sum borders Sangiin Dalai nuur. In 1976, a Uighur stele was found near the origin of the Tesiin gol river.
  • In 1921, Sergey Malov was behind the idea of renaming the Xinjiang Turkic to Uighur at the Tashkent Conference.
  • Allworth extensively studied the Chagatai language. He was fluent in Uzbek and Uighur.
  • Abdulhehim is one of approximately two dozen detainees from the Uighur ethnic group.
  • The ethnically Chinese Cao family ruling Guiyi Circuit established marriage alliances with the Uighurs of the Ganzhou Kingdom, with both the Cao rulers marrying Uighur princesses and with Cao princesses marrying Uighur rulers.
  • The name Khāqāniyya was given to the Qarluks who inhabited Kāshghar and Bālāsāghūn, the inhabitants were not Uighur however their language has been retroactively labelled as Uighur by scholars.
  • The Battle of Sekes Tash was a minor battle on September 7, 1933 when Chinese Muslim troops under general Ma Zhancang made a surprising sortie on the evening from Kashgar New City, attacked and inflicted a defeat upon Uighur and Kirghiz troops who were resting at village of Sekes Tesh.
  • Finally, a third Uighur-Chinese style appears in only two caves at Kizil.
  • "The Pot Bears a Son" is a Uighur fairy tale collected in "Folk Tales from China".
  • was a Turkic nationalist Uighur political party which existed from 1933 to 1934.
  • Ma Zhancang led the New 36th Division in an attack on Uighur forces at Yangi Hissar, wiping out the entire Uighur force of 500 and killing their leader, Emir Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra.
  • was a Uighur uprising in 1935 against Chinese Muslim-dominated Tunganistan, which was administered by the New 36th Division.
  • He jailed a Uighur called Akbar Ali, who was employed by the Soviet consulate, for setting off a Uighur riot.
  • Tibetan, Mongolian, Uighur and tribal minorities of China's names are phonetically transcribed into Chinese.
  • In 1812, Julius Klaproth's "Dissertation on language and script of the Uighurs" ("Abhandlung über die Sprache und Schrift der Uiguren") became the subject of a long-standing dispute.
  • Klaproth's 1812 "Dissertation on language and script of the Uighurs" ("Abhandlung über die Sprache und Schrift der Uiguren") was disputed by Isaak Jakob Schmidt, who is considered the founder of Mongolian Studies.
  • On December 3, 2019, a stronger, amended version of the bill—the "Uighur Intervention and Global Humanitarian Unified Response Act" (or "UIGHUR Act")—was passed by the U.S.
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