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unununium <Uuu> [old name for roentgenium]
Unununium {n} <Uuu> [alter Name für Roentgenium]
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  • To explain why typing from Exhibit #UUU seemed indistinguishable from the typing on Hiss's old machine, Lane assembled experts prepared to testify that Exhibit #UUU had been tampered with in a way inconsistent with professional repair work to make it type like Hiss's old typewriter.
  • airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA and IATA, this airport is assigned UUU by the FAA and NPT by the IATA (which assigned UUU to Manumu, Papua New Guinea).
  • He is the only player in major league history with the initials "UU" or "UUU".
  • The UUU was founded by Arlington Newton in Barbados. By 1917, Studiation and Robert Brown had established a branch in Antigua.
  • The fact that wybutosine and its various derivatives are only found at position 37 may be indicative of the nature of the phenylalanine codons, UUU and UUC, and their predilection for ribosome slippage.
  • For example, a single phenylalanine tRNA with G in the first anticodon position can base pair with either U or C (thus decoding UUU and UUC) and a single leucine tRNA with a modified U (2-thioU) in the anticodon can base pair with either A or G (thus decoding UUA and UUG).
  • The linear region of the HIV ribosomal frameshift signal contains a highly conserved UUU UUU A slippery sequence; many of the other predicted structures contain candidates for slippery sequences as well.
  • Since 2019, "ESNA" has started the project “United Universities of Europe” or UUU; it documents the development of European University Alliances and observers larger trends of concentration, networking and digitalisation in the higher education sector.
  • They used a cell-free system to translate a poly-uracil RNA sequence (or UUUUU... ...
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