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vitamin A deficiency <VAD>
Vitamin-A-Mangel {m} <VAM>
ventricular assist device <VAD>
ventrikuläres Unterstützungs­system {n} <VAD>
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  • Tradition has attributed the saying "man tager vad man haver" ("you use whatever you have") to Warg, though there are no accounts of her having used that expression.
  • The name Aq-va-kul is a word play on the Latin word for water, aqua, and the Swedish phrase "Ack, vad kul" (English: "Oh! ...
  • "Pakhi Pratikramana" is done once every fifteen days. It falls on 15th and 30th dates (sud and vad) of the Hindu calendar month.
  • Idiophone instruments, known as Ghan vad, are also commonly used, especially in folk forms of Sikh music.
  • One song on this theme, "Den ena handen vet vad den andra gör", was covered by punk band Ebba Grön (renamed "Staten och kapitalet", with some of the lyrics omitted) and became a hit in 1980.
  • Swedish actress and recording artist Anita Lindblom recorded a Swedish-language version titled "Lyssna (vill du veta vad jag tänker?)" for her 1968 album "Sån't är livet".
  • Its original name, Vessigevad notice this as "vad" is the Swedish name for a ford.
  • Andersson's best known strip, "Mannen som gör vad som faller honom in" (The Man Who Does Whatever Comes To His Mind) was one of the first recurring comic strips in Swedish history.
  • One of the most famous songs they recorded is a cover version of "Den ena handen vet vad den andra gör" by the Swedish progg band, "Blå Tåget".
  • The name "Valsad" derives from "vad-saal", a Gujarati language compound meaning "covered ("saal") by banyan trees ("vad")" (the area was naturally rich in banyan trees).
  • Also plants like karanj, umlo, amli, sirus, kalam, charal and an occasional vad or banyan tree are found.
  • He presented the Swedish version of "Hole in the Wall" on TV6 in 2009, and "Jag vet vad du gjorde förra lördagen" on TV3, also in 2009.
  • During his Japan trip, Modi has said eighteenth century mind-set of vistaar-vad or expansionism won’t work and vikaash-vad or peaceful development is needed for sustainable peace and tranquility in the world which was read by a portion of media as a subtle jibe on China.
  • In 2006 he was a guest trainer on TV3's "Du är vad du äter".
  • "Vet du vad jag vet" is a 1994 studio album from Kikki Danielsson & Roosarna.
  • Kikki Danielsson & Roosarna was awarded a Grammis in 1994 for the album "Vet du vad jag vet".
  • In 1994, Kikki Danielsson & Roosarna received a Grammis for "Dansband of the year" for the album "Vet du vad jag vet".
  • The watermill is mentioned in the Roskilde Bishop's Census Book (Roskildebispens Jordebog) from the 1370s as "molendinum Ørewaz" while the locality at this point was known as "Ørevad".
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