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Vela <Vel> [constellation]
Segel {n} des Schiffs [Sternbild]
Vel blood group
Vel-Blutgruppe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'VEL' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Vela <Vel> [constellation]
Segel {n} des Schiffs [Sternbild]astron.

Vel blood group
Vel-Blutgruppe {f}med.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • During production, the film was briefly titled as "Vel Vel" and then as "Vel Vel Brothers", before being named "Vetrivel Sakthivel" after the lead characters.
  • Accedit descriptio aliquot specierum vel minus vel nondum cognitarum.
  • In the early 70s, Lee Jurras, of Super Vel and AutoMag fame, approached Sierra about making handgun bullets capable of being driven at higher velocities than the normal bullets available at that time.
  • vɜl", it may be noted that there is a statue also from Cortona (first century BCE) of a man described in Etruscan as "aulesi vel..."
  • The heads of Augustinian and Dominican friaries are termed "provost or prior" ("praepositus vel prior"), and those of Cistercian monasteries "provost or warden" ("praepositus vel custos").
  • þvít þú vel hvat vitir.
  • "Veeravel Vetrivel" (a war cry used in ancient Tamilakam and means "Victorious Vel, Courageous Vel." Vel is the holy spear of Murugan, the Hindu war deity).
  • The Vel blood group is a human blood group that has been implicated in hemolytic transfusion reactions.
  • The original title of the book was "Liber L vel Legis". Crowley retitled it "Liber AL vel Legis" in 1921, when he also gave the handwritten manuscript its own title.
  • What they did find through, was that he had left behind a boulder in the shape of a lingam with three white stripes and a red dot, and a vel fashioned out of wire.
  • 9m-tall golden vel at Queen Street Maha Mariamman Temple.
  • The Asuras are beheaded by Murugan using his weapon the "vel" a kind of spear or javelin.
  • One motivation and the most probable explanation for the choice of the symbol ∨ is the latin word "vel" meaning "or" in the inclusive sense. Several authors use "vel" as name of the "or" function.
  • Vel duo, vel nemo. "Turpe et miserabile." Quare?
  • In 1968, Bik, vel Bukar emigrated to Sweden, claiming antisemitic persecution.
  • The Sobieski family used the Janina coat of arms, and their motto was "Vel cum hoc, vel super hoc".
  • The Royal Norwegian Society for Development ([...] , also known as "Norges Vel" 'Norwegian Development', originally called "Selskabet for Norges Vel" 'Norwegian Society for Development') is a general development organization established in 1809 that works to promote viable communities through various forms of business development.
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