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NOUN   wynn | wynns
wynn <Ƿ, ƿ>
Wynn {n} <Ƿ, ƿ>
wynn <Ƿ, ƿ>
Wunjo {n} <Ƿ, ƿ>
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Übersetzung für 'Wynn' von Englisch nach Deutsch

wynn <Ƿ, ƿ>
Wynn {n} <Ƿ, ƿ>ling.print

Wunjo {n} <Ƿ, ƿ>ling.print
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  • Minor changes were made such as the removal of certain letters, such as "thorn" (Þ þ), "wynn" (Ƿ ƿ), and "eth" (Ð ð).
  • However, a number of features, including the "wynn"-rune (ƿ) used for "w" suggest Old English influence, not surprising in a house founded by Anglo-Saxon missionaries.
  • The name is interpreted as Old English wynn-land "meadow land" or "pasture land".
  • The early Engle restricted the use of runes to monuments, whereas the Saxons adopted "wynn" and "thorn" for sounds which did not have a Latin equivalent.
  • It is related to the Anglo-Saxon letter wynn, Ƿ.
  • All three carry distinct errors that are likely the result of copying from an earlier version in an Anglo-Caroline script that used Old English lettering like ash (Æ), wynn (ƿ), thorn (þ) and eth (ð) for proper names.
  • Born as Colin Edwin Thompson, on becoming an actor he changed his name to Colin Edwynn - his surname made up of the name of his idol actor Ed Wynn.
  • , scribes soon borrowed the rune "wynn" [...] for this purpose.
  • The earliest recorded name of the river is [...] in about 1025, probably an error for [...] , where [...] represents the Old English letter wynn or 'w', standing for [...] ("water").
  • , adapted as the Latin letter wynn: [...]. In early Middle English, following the 11th-century Norman Conquest, [...] gained popularity again and by 1300 it had taken wynn's place in common use.
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