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NOUN   a XOR operation | XOR operations
XOR operation
XOR-Verknüpfung {f}
XOR operation
Exklusiv-ODER-Verknüpfung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'XOR operation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

XOR operation
XOR-Verknüpfung {f}comp.

Exklusiv-ODER-Verknüpfung {f}comp.
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  • If the elements of GF(2) are seen as boolean values, then the addition is the same as that of the logical XOR operation.
  • XOR swap uses the XOR operation to swap two numeric variables.
  • The XOR operation preserves randomness, meaning that a random bit XORed with a non-random bit will result in a random bit.
  • This step involves comparing the two layout databases/GDS by XOR operation of the layout geometries.
  • The outputs of multiple independent RNGs can be combined (for example, using a bit-wise XOR operation) to provide a combined RNG at least as good as the best RNG used.
  • Another advantage of stream ciphers in military cryptography is that the cipher stream can be generated in a separate box that is subject to strict security measures and fed to other devices such as a radio set, which will perform the XOR operation as part of their function.
  • The decryption algorithm is simply the reverse of the encryption algorithm. Due to the nature of the XOR operation, it is reversible.
  • ... is the XOR operation). An attacker must recover all the values of the shares to get any meaningful information.
  • The codewords form a group under the XOR operation.
  • Each decoded pixel is encrypted by applying an XOR operation with a 24-bit number produced by a generator.
  • "f" is the identity and "E" and "D" are both typically the XOR operation.
  • 32-bit key parts XORed, the "FRAC" which is the fraction of the Golden ratio and the round index is XORed with the key parts, the result of the XOR operation is rotated to left by 11.
  • The NOT bitwise operation is also an involution, and is a special case of the XOR operation where one parameter has all bits set to 1.
  • An XOR linked list is a type of data structure used in computer programming. It takes advantage of the bitwise XOR operation to decrease storage requirements for doubly linked lists.
  • A DX array has been demonstrated whose assembly encodes an XOR operation; this allows the DNA array to implement a cellular automaton which generates a fractal called the Sierpinski gasket.
  • This explains why "EQ" is often called "XNOR" in the combinational logic of circuit engineers, since it is the "negation" of the "XOR" operation; "NXOR" is a less commonly used alternative.
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