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NOUN1   Xerox | Xeroxes
NOUN2   a xerox | xeroxes
VERB   to xerox | xeroxed | xeroxed
xeroxing | xeroxes
SYNO to photocopy | to run off | to xerox | ...
to xerox® sth. [coll.]etw.Akk. kopieren [fotokopieren]
to xerox® sth. [coll.]etw.Akk. vervielfältigen
to xerox® sth. [coll.]etw.Akk. fotokopieren
to xeroxablichten
to xeroxschnelldrucken
xerox®Fotokopie {f}
2 Wörter
Xerox machine [generic term for any photocopier] [Xerox®]Kopierer {m}
xerox paperKopierpapier {n}
xerox processXeroxverfahren {n}
3 Wörter
to xerox® a lettereinen Brief vervielfältigen
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  • Where a trademark is used generically, a trademark owner may need to take aggressive measures to retain exclusive rights to the trademark. Xerox Corporation attempted to prevent the genericization of its core trademark through an extensive public relations campaign advising consumers to "photocopy" instead of "xerox" documents.
  • ' The 'Xerox' Company continues to fight heavily in media whenever a reporter or other writer uses 'xerox' as simply a synonym for 'photocopy.' Should usage of 'xerox' be accepted as the standard American English term for 'photocopy,' then Xerox's competitors could successfully argue in court that they are permitted to create 'xerox' machines as well.
  • Companies will often attempt to prevent a product name from becoming generic to avoid losing trademark protection. Xerox Corporation attempted to prevent the genericization of its core trademark through an extensive public relations campaign advising consumers to "photocopy" instead of "xerox" documents.
  • A stationery shop and xerox facility are also available within the campus.
  • Proceedings of the mailing list were periodically collected in print form, with limited editions of xerox copies and in connection with a related conference or event.
  • It came in bootleg-like packaging: a plain white card sleeve with glued-on xerox information strips.
  • After graduating college in 1979, she became involved in punk culture via collage art, color xerox postcards and mail art.
  • The phenomenon of samizdat or xerox journalism also proliferated, which involved the dissemination of news clippings, usually from publications abroad that were not checked by the government's censors.
  • The DIY packaging, like Trial's prolific flyer output, had a recognizable xerox collage aesthetic.
  • Michael Bidner (1944-1989) was a Canadian graphic artist and painter noted for his use of xerox and microfilm technology. He was from London, Ontario.
  • The word "xerox" is used as a synonym for "photocopy" (both as a noun and a verb) in many areas: for example, "I xeroxed the document and placed it on your desk" or "Please make a xeroxed copy of the articles and hand them out a week before the exam".
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, Nesbitt was one of the earliest artists experimenting with xerox art.
  • The multimedia piece involved xerox copies of photographs, drawings and writings exploring themes of systematic racism and exploitation in African American history.
  • This is similar to the type of generalization that occurs in English words like "xerox" or "tampax" or "polaroid".
  • Tot participated in the Fluxus movement and is well known for his Mail art projects, the use of xerox copies and usage of rubber stamps with clear conceptual text declarations.
  • Neiman was an early experimenter in the realm of technology-assisted art, with a series based on color Xerox art combining iterations of xerox and prismacolor pencil.
  • 800 copies of the album were pressed; 500 on green vinyl, 300 on black. 50 of the green vinyl copies were released with full color xerox covers.
  • The first use of the term xeroxlore was in Michael J.
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